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ABB launches tiny robot to help precision manufacturing

Recently, ABB released a series of innovativerobotautomation products, solutions and services, including the smallest six-axis in ABB’s historyIndustrial robotIRB 1010 has gained widespread attention, with a compact design, a load of up to 1.5kg, and an accuracy of 0.01mm. Compared with the smallest robot IRB 120 of the previous generation, the footprint is 30% smaller. It can realize wearable smart devices such as smart watches, High-quality production of products such as headphones.

This comes from ABB’s forward-looking judgment on the market: at present, while personalized consumption is prevalent, the manufacturing industry isDigitizingAs well as the growing demand for sustainable development, ABB hopes to help customers adapt to changes with its global industry expertise and innovative product launches.

Liang Rui, President of ABB Robotics Business China, said, “Robots are our core products. In addition, we also provide comprehensive services and solutions such as robot software, function packages, modular production units, and digital technologies. With ABB Incorporating AMR into the product portfolio, we will work together with customers to meet moreautomated industryExciting challenges in the field. “

At present, ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. It has 27 local companies and 15,000 employees in nearly 130 cities. Its online and offline channels cover about 700 cities across the country.

In December, ABB invested 150 million US dollars to build a robot super factory in Kangqiao, Pudong, Shanghai. It will also officially start operation to produce ABB’s full range of robot products.

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