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ABB wins multiple industry awards from CAIMRS

  • ABB won 8 awards in four categories in the annual selection, and was selected as one of the top 50 Chinese automation + digital brands in 2022
  • Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, was invited to give a keynote speech on “Digital Empowerment of Industry’s Low-Carbon Transformation”

In the annual selection results announced at the 2022 CAIMRS China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference on August 26, ABB China won eight awards in four categories including industry leadership, product innovation, service innovation, and marketing innovation, and was selected as the 2022 China Automation + The top 50 digital brands demonstrate ABB’s innovation capability and leading strength, and fully affirm ABB’s efforts and achievements in continuously promoting the digital transformation of the industry.

Digital technologies enable a sustainable future

Facing multiple challenges such as repeated epidemics and blocked supply chains, ABB has always insisted on empowering industry transformation, upgrading and sustainable development with digital innovation, using its industry expertise to provide users with tailored solutions and services, and released a new generation of collaboration Robots, high-power liquid-cooled charging piles, ABB AbilityTM eMine, industrial inverter cabinet ACS880-07C and many other new products, new technologies, and new applications support users in various industries to improve quality and efficiency, and achieve low-carbon transformation and digital upgrades.

With digital and intelligent innovative technologies and solutions, ABB has recently participated in the infrastructure of the Winter Olympics, Shanghai Library East Building, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Lalin Railway, Changsha Metro, JAC Weilai Automobile Smart Factory, Shell Green System. A large number of key projects such as the hydrogen project and the Sun Paper production base have been constructed to grow together with customers and partners. Among them, ABB’s innovative applications of frequency converters, high-efficiency motors and energy management in the client won the “Application Innovation Award” in the service innovation category in this selection:

ABB Condition Monitoring Service Helps Customers Avoid Downtime Losses: Since May 2018, ABB has provided ABB Ability™ Drive Condition Monitoring Service for three ACS1000 drives in Xianglu Petrochemical (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. plant, collecting relevant information about drive performance. Data, monitoring equipment availability, status, operating parameters and failure events, thus effectively avoiding costly and prolonged downtime.

ABB helps to build a green and smart car manufacturing factory: In the “Green Future Factory” in Hefei, JAC NIO uses high-efficiency industrial fans in the car coating production line to improve the quality of vehicle paint coating and save energy and reduce emissions. ABB provides high-performance process motors M3BP with energy efficiency of IE4 for these industrial fans, helping customers improve energy efficiency at the source and reduce electricity costs.

ABB’s precise control solution for source, grid, load and storage supports the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvement: ABB deeply integrates new-generation energy systems and information technology to create an energy system “conductor”, providing precise control solutions for source, grid, load and storage. Consume and improve energy efficiency, and support users to build a safe, green, and highly resilient energy system. It can be further connected to the urban energy management platform to complete the demand-side response and release the low-carbon potential of the park.

In the product innovation category, the ABB IRB 1300 small robot won the “Intelligent Equipment Innovation Award”. The IRB 1300 small six-axis industrial robot has excellent load capacity, working range and path accuracy, runs faster, and is more compact, which can greatly improve production efficiency and production line flexibility. It can quickly pick up heavy objects, or handle complex or irregularly shaped objects, and is suitable for high-load applications in electronics, general industry, food and beverage, logistics, and auto parts production.

Technological innovation and excellent operation lead the development of enterprises

Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, delivered a speech on the theme of “Digital Empowerment of Low-Carbon Transformation of Industries” at this annual industry conference, expounding how ABB balances the relationship between clean, low-carbon, safe and reliable, and low-cost, through leading digital technology Meet the needs of local customers for high-quality development and low-carbon transformation, provide industrial solutions covering electrical, process automation, motion control, and Robotics, and help Chinese industrial enterprises on their way to sustainable development. He said that digitalization, electrification and automation technologies help enterprises improve energy efficiency from the demand side and achieve a larger proportion of clean energy replacement from the supply side, which is not only the key to reducing energy costs for enterprises, but also promotes carbon reduction in the industrial sector. important measure.

Qi Luping, President of ABB’s Motion Control Division in China, won the “Business and Management Award for Leaders of the Year”. Under the leadership of Qi Luping, ABB China’s motion control business adheres to customer-centricity, continues to focus on local R&D, accelerates the improvement of local R&D capabilities and new product output, vigorously develops digital business, builds smart factories, establishes Nanjing Servo R&D Center, and continues to develop and adapt to the market. It is committed to providing customers with excellent customer experience and laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of future enterprises. In 2021, ABB China Motion Control Division achieved double-digit business growth.

The China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference is hosted by Gongkong®, which is an annual industry event in my country’s industrial automation industry. As an important part of the annual grand ceremony, the “Automation and Digitalization Annual Selection” combines user voting, market research, big data analysis and expert selection to obtain comprehensive results. Industry chain, select, record and disseminate innovations and pioneering works that drive the strong development of Chinese manufacturing.