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After the epidemic was released, the application of food delivery robots accelerated

Now the catering market continues to recover steadily. With the adjustment of the latest epidemic prevention policy and the gradual clarification of the follow-up epidemic situation, my country’s catering business is expected to usher in a rebound in 2023.

The “2022 White Paper on China’s Catering Brand Power” pointed out that after the adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy, the Matthew effect will become more prominent, and the catering industry will undergo a comprehensive reshuffle.robotWaiting for smart devices to try intelligent transformation, and then may gain a first-mover advantage and usher in a golden period of development.

The white paper also pointed out that in recent years, catering companies have faced the pressure of rising rent and labor costs year by year, and their demands for cost reduction and efficiency increase are very strong. therefore,DigitizingIntelligentization has become an irreversible trend. If catering companies want to gain a better foothold, they must grasp this trend and keep up with the trend of the times. Under the normalization of the epidemic, contactless and food delivery Robots have gradually become Standard for all catering businesses.

The catering industry is a typical labor-intensive industry. It is self-evident that the stability of employees is important to the normal operation of catering enterprises. Once there is a shortage of manpower, it will inevitably affect the service quality of catering enterprises.

The catering robot can replace the work content of some restaurant service personnel, which is of great benefit to solving the problems of catering companies such as “labor shortage”, difficult recruitment, and high labor costs. At the same time, the use of non-contact catering robots can also ensure the safety of personnel, which is more suitable for this special period of repeated epidemics.

It can be said that the emergence of catering robots has injected a new impetus for the development of the catering industry, and has also played a positive role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency for catering companies.

Nowadays, many chain restaurants have begun to build intelligence, using technological elements from robot delivery, intelligent services and other aspects. For restaurants, it can not only save labor costs, but more importantly, improve efficiency, and better, Serve customers more safely.

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