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AICRobo: Giving Robots “Walking Wisdom”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In recent years, with the explosive growth of business in the e-commerce industry, problems such as a huge demand for warehousing and sorting have emerged, and many companies have been troubled by such problems.The simple and rude “adding people” model will only make the labor cost continue to rise.robotIn the stage when related technologies are becoming more and more mature, e-commerce giants have been exploring the intelligent upgrade of warehousing and logistics to improve warehouse operation efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, machine substitution has become a general trend.

For service Robots in all walks of life, whether they are engaged in professional services (such as medical care, food delivery, warehousing and transportation, security inspection) or household services (such as housekeeping, companionship, assistance), the autonomous mobility of robots is a necessity.

“At present, the performance of autonomous mobile robots on the market is mostly unsatisfactory for commercial use. The specific manifestations are slow obstacle avoidance response, insufficient obstacle perception angle, and error-prone operation for a long time. Service robots at this stage not only need to be able to perceive the environment. Ability, but also more ‘thinking’ walking.” AICRobo staff said.

“Just put the goods to be transported on the warehousing autonomous transport robot, and then set the destination (the picking of the warehousing workers, the setting of the delivery node), whether it is the intricate arrangement of the warehouse shelves, or the encounters encountered during the transportation process. The robot can easily overcome the obstacles and transport the goods to the designated location.”

This is a warehousing and self-transporting robot product independently developed by Love Gnawing Robot Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It is understood that the company focuses on solving the problems of autonomous movement of robots, and also develops a series of mature products equipped with its autonomous movement solutions. The warehousing autonomous transportation robot is one of their company’s products. It is a warehousing autonomous transportation robot that integrates various sensing technologies, positioning technologies, autonomous navigation and natural human-computer interaction technologies.The robot is in the traditionalindustryOn the transport robot, an artificial intelligence system has been added, which can autonomously perceive the environment, locate and navigate, and belong to the emerging high-tech product in the field of intelligent robots. The research and development of this product can save more than 80% of the labor cost of warehousing and transportation workers. It is reported that the warehousing autonomous transportation robots of Aignat Robotics Co., Ltd. are currently exported to foreign countries, and the number of domestic intentional orders at this stage is also as high as more than 1,000 units.

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