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ALVA Systems brings innovative achievements to the 2022 Service Trade Fair, and the Industrial Metaverse is just in time

Will the end of the world be a metaverse?

Driven by the development of the digital economy and the explosion of the concept of the metaverse, the related technologies and applications of the metaverse have entered the fast lane of development amid the keen attention of all walks of life.

How is the development of the Metaverse today?

In which areas are you expected to take the lead?

What other technological applications will play an important role?

ALVA Systems brings innovative achievements to the 2022 Service Trade Fair, and the Industrial Metaverse is just in time

On September 1, the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade – 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as “Service Trade Fair”) was unveiled in Beijing.

As the core software supplier of the Industrial Metaverse, ALVA Systems has presented its industry applications and innovative achievements in the most technologically advanced telecommunications, computer and information service exhibitions of the previous service trade fairs. The industrial metaverse and the development of the digital economy provide more companies with innovative ideas and practical implementation paths for forward-looking technology.

High degree of digitization and standardization, industrial manufacturing provides “fertile soil” for the Metaverse to land

In this application, ALVA Systems joined hands with Sinopec to integrate the traditional scientific research laboratory with AR technology, and through AR technology, the traditional laboratory was digitized and informatized to empower and enhance, realizing “four” and more “three”. Quick, “four” multiple fingers: real-time aggregation of multi-source information, simultaneous participation of multiple parties; real-time interaction of multiple experimental scenarios; real-time distribution of various data results. “Three” quick refers to: rapid migration of experimental data, rapid diagnosis of experimental process, and rapid application of experimental results.

At present, this technology has shown very good application prospects in the petrochemical industry. Next, ALVA will continue to rely on AR’s own intellectual property technology to serve oil, petrochemical, and pipeline network systems, and contribute to the increase of oil and gas reserves and production. .

Compared with the basic display application, ALVA has joined hands with industry enterprises to realize the application of AR technology in more critical and valuable scenarios such as training guidance, multi-terminal collaboration, and remote review and verification.

Moreover, with the penetration of the concept of the industrial metaverse, the needs of users are also developing towards the trend of practicality. To comply with this change, ALVA will rely on industry benchmarking cases such as Sinopec to continue to make efforts in more fields, and through AR innovation Technology applications empower more enterprise users.

For the first time, this Service Trade Fair has set up a Metaverse Experience Hall of nearly 10,000 square meters to fully display the Metaverse and the new generation of Internet technologies and applications. Whether from the perspective of economic development or industrial upgrading, the importance of the Metaverse in the digital economy era Visible.

As the core manufacturer of the Industrial Metaverse Track, ALVA Systems firmly grasps the two major drivers of “technological innovation” and “industry know-how”, effectively empowers enterprise users at the application layer, and actively promotes ecological cooperation at the industrial layer. Application cases and industry experience, summarize and summarize the “methodology” that can be quickly transformed and reused, effectively promote the landing of the industrial metaverse, and provide an important engine for the development of the digital economy.