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Artificial intelligence “blooms everywhere” Metaverse attracts much attention

The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be held from January 5th to 7th. Recently, the mutated new coronavirus Omicron strain has accelerated in the United States, and the epidemic has rebounded sharply. Under the background of the epidemic, medical health has become a hot spot of the exhibition.

More than 100 companies in the medical and health field participated in the exhibition, and various new technologies and newapplicationcame into being.disinfectrobotsmart masks, wearable devices… Looking at the innovative technologies adopted by many medical and health products in recent years, intelligence, remoteness, and personalization have become the main highlights.

According to the Consumer Technology Association of America, the health sector has been the fastest-growing category at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in recent years, and the epidemic has further promoted innovation in health technology and medical services. The research report released by the association shows that since March 2020, about 20% of households in the United States have used online medical services for the first time, and about 23% of households have smart health monitoring devices. A number of forums and keynote speeches in the field of digital health were also held during the exhibition.

At this year’s exhibition, new applications of artificial intelligence are “blooming everywhere”, and the intelligent technology of automobiles is continuously upgraded. Metaverse has attracted much attention as a technology hotspot.

Exhibitors compete for intelligent applications: Qualcomm showcases a complete set of “Snapdragon digital chassis” solutions, BMW showcases the new technology of “color-changing car paint”, and GM releases electric pickups. The dazzling array of smart home and smart city products and applications also makes artificial intelligence feel everywhere.

Samsung displayed a “metaverse platform” called My House on the virtual platform of the exhibition. Users can experience Samsung products in a virtual space, interact with other users, and arrange their online homes according to their personal preferences.

The “landing” of the Metaverse requires hardware product support. The new generation of related chips and various virtual reality, augmented reality glasses and headsets displayed at the exhibition will create a richer immersive experience for users.

In recent years, Chinese companies have been an important “element” of the CES in Las Vegas. In 2018, the number of Chinese companies participating in the exhibition hit a record of over 1,500, accounting for about one-third of the total number of exhibitors. Affected by the overseas epidemic, the number of participating Chinese companies has dropped sharply this year. The list of exhibitors provided by the organizer shows that only about 150 Chinese companies participated in the exhibition. Despite this, China still shows the strength of “Made in China”.

Hisense and TCL continued to occupy the core booths in the central hall of the exhibition this year, attracting a lot of attention with TVs with the latest technology and a series of smart home products. Hisense released an 8K laser Display solution with higher resolution, showing a leading 120-inch three-color laser TV. TCL showcased a 98-inch large-screen TV and an ultra-thin 8K Mini LED TV.

Chinese start-ups are also doing well. Shenzhen Purdue Technology Co., Ltd., which brought food delivery robots to the exhibition, received a large number of interested customers on the first day of the exhibition. “The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a good stage for Chinese innovative companies to show their strength and set sail,” Hong Hao, the company’s senior sales manager, told Xinhua.

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