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Baidu and Kuwo will start a business after Lei Ming will use intelligent robots to change education

When a person has a child, the focus of his life changes, and Lei Ming is no exception. Since he had a child, he began to pay special attention to the education of children. As a big technical expert, Lei Ming once again fell into thinking “what can technology bring to education?”

He is eyeing artificial intelligence technology.

As the founder of Baidu’s Seven Musketeers and in charge of search technology at Baidu, he was convinced that artificial intelligence technology would become the next technology to change society several years ago. As a veteran in the technical field, he organized a high-end forum on artificial intelligence, which included top international artificial intelligence experts, such as Baidu Chief Scientist Wu Enda, Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Center Director Li Feifei, Google’s head of autonomous driving perception technology Zhu Jiajun, Facebook AI Jia Yangqing, senior scientist of the team, as well as a large number of CEOs of listed companies and top international investors. In addition to frequent small-scale communication in private, they also often discuss the technology and development of artificial intelligence with tens of thousands of netizens in the WeChat group in the form of forums. Many of them have children, and everyone will often discuss children’s education in private, and think about the combination of artificial intelligence and children’s education.

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of child development and learning, Lei Ming has made friends with a group of top international experts in brain science, child development psychology and education (such as Liu Jia, Dean of the School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Xue Gui, Director of the Brain Science Center, Hong Huang Shi Yanlai, chairman of Blue Education, etc.), often discuss and initiate some research projects on child development and education.

Based on the development of artificial intelligence and in-depth understanding of child development education, with the advice and help of many top international artificial intelligence experts and psychological and educational experts, a cutting-edge technology company focusing on providing solutions for children’s education through artificial intelligence Born in the summer of 2015, it is Joy Wisdom. The technical personnel of the team are from Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences with masters and doctorates in artificial intelligence; the educational personnel are from Beijing Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences with masters and doctors in psychology and preschool education; hardware personnel are Microsoft, Nokia, Foxconn, etc. Senior hardware experts who have worked in well-known companies for more than ten years.These excellent people gathered for one goal: to use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to create a truly educational children’s intelligencerobot– “Chi Xiaole”.

Diving down to make products, everything starts from the user

Because it is an intelligent robot specially made for children, in order to be closer to the usage habits of children aged 4-7, the team members of Happy Wisdom go to the kindergarten at least twice a week to conduct field investigation and research, and find that it is impossible to develop products with the thinking mode of adults. In less than a year, they visited dozens of kindergartens and continuously adjusted the products based on the real usage of school-age children.

Children aged 3-6 have a limited understanding of the world. Children cannot always initiate topics and chat with robots. However, the existing intelligent voice interaction products all adopt the interactive method of “one question and one answer”. The robot replied that there was no problem at first glance, but after a field test in the kindergarten, it was found that the problem was very big, and it was often cold after a few words. After the child has passed the initial novelty, most robots will be thrown aside, just like other toys. The technical team made improvements and breakthroughs in response to this problem, and made this robot named “Zhi Xiaole” the first intelligent robot that can actively communicate with children. It establishes a scientific multi-dimensional cloud model for children aged 4-7 based on children’s age characteristics, cognitive ability and interest orientation through the theory of child development psychology. At the same time, a “sentiment analysis adjustment system” and a “real-time topic prediction system” were developed based on deep learning technology. Through these systems, robots can quickly track children’s interests, identify children’s emotions, always carry out topics within the scope of children’s interests, and unconsciously complete the output of relevant knowledge points, and invisibly exercise children’s language organization ability and logic thinking ability.

Every child is unique and needs ‘its own’ robot

Every child is different, especially children aged 4-7 have obvious individual differences, but almost all children’s smart products on the market now adopt the same communication mechanism for each child. “Zhi Xiaole” has improved on this point. It adopts a set of personalized system based on artificial intelligence technology, starting from the child’s physiological and psychological characteristics, and tries to understand the child in an all-round way. At the same time, according to the child’s usage history and interaction characteristics, dynamically adjust the interaction method and content with the child. Through these technologies, every child will find that “Zhi Xiaole” understands him and communicates the content that he can understand and is suitable for him. This also makes Happy Wisdom really do: a thousand children, you get a thousand different robots.

Do not forget the original intention, return to the essence of education

The original design of “Zhi Xiaole” intelligent robot was never a toy, but a good partner that can help children learn happily. According to the survey, 60% of young parents have raised the question of “what if children don’t like to learn”. Chinese parents have always had a misunderstanding in the process of educating their children, focusing on educational re