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Baidu artificial intelligence enters the post-Wu Enda era, Wang Haifeng is more worth looking forward to

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On March 22, the internet industry was screened by an open letter of resignation. Baidu’s chief scientist, Wu Enda, the head of Baidu’s artificial intelligence who had high hopes by Robin Li, announced that he was leaving Baidu. He issued an open letter on the English self-media platform Medium and personal social platforms such as Weibo and Twitter, claiming that he would open a new chapter in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on incubation and exploration of new fields he likes and is good at in the United States, without mentioning. and specific destination.

For Baidu, the determination and courage in artificial intelligence, the strategic significance of artificial intelligence to Baidu in the future is self-evident, which can be seen from Google’s Wu Enda before Baidu poached.

Baidu founder Li Yanhong once said that based on the judgment of the development trend of the Internet, artificial intelligence is the core of Baidu’s core. The previous scene of the Internet was the PC Internet, and this scene was the mobile Internet. One scene is that it will be artificial intelligence.

Andrew Ng is a pioneer and evangelist in the field of artificial intelligence. Andrew Ng directed the Google Brain project built by the Google X Lab team with huge sums of money, promoting deep learning algorithms within Google, and was also known as the “father of Google Brain” by the outside world. In May 2014, Wu Enda officially joined Baidu as the chief scientist of Baidu Company, responsible for the leadership of Baidu Research Institute, especially the Baidu Brain Project.

After Wu Enda came to Baidu, he built an artificial intelligence and deep learning platform in 3 years. At present, Baidu’s artificial intelligence team has grown to nearly 1,300 people, including 300 members of Baidu Research Institute. AI technology serves hundreds of millions of users every day, fully supports Baidu’s existing businesses such as search, advertising, maps, takeaway, security, consumer finance, etc. Driven by new business and new technologies.

It is reported that according to Baidu official news, Baidu announced that it will further integrate NLP (Natural Language Processing), KG (Knowledge Graph), IDL (Deep Learning Research Institute), Speech (Voice), Big Data (Big Data), etc. Baidu’s core technology, forming Baidu AI technology platform system (AIG), appointed Baidu vice president Wang Haifeng as the general head of AI technology platform system (AIG), turned to Baidu Group President and COO Lu Qi reported, and Baidu Research Institute President Lin Yuanqing took the post.

This means that Lu Qi, Wang Haifeng, and Lin Yuanqing will become the core management team of Baidu AI, and will be fully responsible for Baidu’s continuous development and exploration in the field of AI. It can be said that Baidu has high hopes.

For these three people, Wu Enda also had a high evaluation. It believes that Baidu COO Lu Qi is a senior enterprise manager and has rich experience in the field of artificial intelligence; Wang Haifeng, the new general manager of the AI ​​technology platform system, is an excellent research scholar and technical leader; the new Baidu Research Institute Dean Lin Yuanqing, an outstanding technology and business leader, will improve Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology and create more business results.

According to industry insiders, Wang Haifeng can still maintain Baidu’s leading position in the field of artificial intelligence after taking the helm of Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology research and development, or will burst out with greater innovation energy, and can still easily handle Baidu’s artificial intelligence exploration.

When it comes to Wang Haifeng, he can be said to be a technical expert in the field of artificial intelligence, and he has a lot of influence in the country. Haifeng Wang joined Baidu in January 2010 and is the world’s most influential international academic organization ACL (Associationfor Computational Linguistics) in the history of more than 50 years, the only Chinese who has served as President, and also the youngest ACL Fellow so far. Wang Haifeng also won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015. As the person in charge, he has undertaken major projects of the National Nuclear High-tech Foundation, 863 major projects, and is undertaking 973 and key projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China.

After Wang Haifeng takes over, he will provide Baidu with great help in natural language, graph, data, etc. During the period from 2010 to 2013, he successively created the natural language processing department and the Internet data research and development department (including knowledge graph and data) for Baidu. Internet data mining), recommendation engine and personalization department, multimedia department (including voice and image technology), picture search department, voice technology department, etc. In the first half of 2013, as the executive director, he assisted in the establishment of Baidu Deep Learning Research Institute (IDL). The above pioneering work has laid the foundation for Baidu’s artificial intelligence development. In 2015, under the leadership of Wang Haifeng, the Dasou team successfully completed the integration of PC and mobile search, launched the Columbus project for the new mobile search ecosystem, launched the search result page and the feed stream of the PC homepage, and opened up a new mode of content distribution. . In 2016, Wang Haifeng further integrated search, Shoubai, Hao123, news, mobile browsers and other businesses, and developed multi-end feed streams such as Shoubai and wise homepage, achieving a high-speed growth of 30 times of Baidu’s feed flow in half a year, creating a search and feed Twin engine.

Wu Enda once said in his resignation letter: “Baidu’s AI is very powerful, with a team composed of elites; I believe Baidu’s AI will continue to flourish.” And he commented on Wang Haifeng: “The new director of AI Group Wang Haifeng is a great leader. A fantastic head of research and technology, and his leadership firmly places the team in the grand vision of the future.”

Although Wu Enda has left Baidu, after Baidu, he will continue to work on the AI ​​transformation of society and let AI bring a better life to everyone. Perhaps we should bless Wu Enda, who will continue to explore and help fans of artificial intelligence around the world in his own way, and with Wang Haifeng, who has set up Baidu, will definitely introduce artificial intelligence into a new era.

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