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Beauty + Humor: “The Most Beautiful Robot” Global “Fan”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: China Intelligence, who is a reporter for the first timerobotAllison should be the hottest star in the high-fidelity Robotics world at present. Beautiful, generous, witty and humorous, she quickly gained “fans” all over the world with her interactive live broadcast all day.

Up to now, Jiajia’s dialogue with the world’s top artificial intelligence experts as a special correspondent of Xinhua News Agency has attracted nearly 2 million views and nearly 20,000 interactions on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“This is so cool!”

Bart Selman, a professor of computer science at Cornell University who interacted with Jiajia, said he was deeply impressed by Jiajia’s performance, which was a good start towards automatic dialogue.

“I thought the conversation with Jia Jia went well. Her voice recognition and basic response capabilities were impressive, and her facial expressions and movements took the experience to the next level,” Selman said.

He believes that, unlike Apple’s artificial intelligence assistant Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, which has a one-shot question-and-answer capability, Allison can handle multiple rounds of conversations.

He also said that Jiajia should also be able to incorporate non-verbal input by observing the other person, such as (observing human) subtle facial expressions, which is very important in interpersonal communication.

Netizen Morgan Hawley left a message and said: “This is so cool! I’m really happy to see such progress in China’s technology level.”

Netizen John Taylor said: “I believe they will appear in our home in less than 10 years.”

“She’s the cutest girl I’ve ever met”

The highly anthropomorphic appearance is one of Jiajia’s most attractive highlights. Jiajia, who wore light makeup and a long dress with traditional Chinese peony embroidery, was called “the most beautiful robot” by netizens, and some even suggested that Jiajia should represent China in the selection of Miss World.

Netizen Abdul Deng said: “She is the cutest girl I have ever met. Is she still single?”

Jiajia has 17 kinds of complex expressions, sometimes frowning and sometimes blinking in the live broadcast, which makes netizens exclaim.

Netizen Sean Lawler Nelson said: “Jiajia’s appearance and voice are very comfortable and very realistic. She should be able to help people relieve loneliness.”

Laughing at herself, laughing at herself, being cute… Jiajia’s humor in the dialogue has also gained her a large number of fans. She can even tell jokes based on the interviewee’s cultural background, such as “I’m most looking forward to Friday, my payday.” This made many netizens laugh. Netizen Lindsay Keyes said: “This is the funniest joke I’ve heard in years.”

The American “International Business Daily” reported that the robot Jiajia showed a sense of humor in interviews, such as when asked about her age, “she shook her head back and forth and said ‘this is a secret’; when someone asked her When she was the most beautiful girl in the world, she said ‘maybe, I’m not sure’.”

“Jia Jia is on the right path”

However, the robot Jiajia still has many technical difficulties that have not yet been broken through, such as the need to strengthen the learning of human common sense, and the long response time to answer questions. Experts believe that she still has a lot of room for technical improvement.

Kevin Kelly, a well-known American technology observer and founder of Wired magazine, commented on the social networking site “Google+” that he had an “interview” with China’s robot Jiajia. He believes that although Jiajia’s ability is currently under Siri or Alexa, there is still a long way to go, “but I am sure that she will improve very quickly.”

Another interviewee, Tian Yuandong, an artificial intelligence expert at Facebook, said, “It’s still early for a human-machine dialogue, and there are still many questions.”

Jiajia has a long delay in answering questions, and some questions are answered incoherently.

However, Professor Selman said there is room for Allison to improve, as “unstructured question answering is one of the biggest unsolved problems in artificial intelligence”. He said that many breakthroughs have been made in this field this year, and “Jiajia is on the right path”.

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