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CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

The 20th CAIMRS China automation and Digitalization Annual Selection Activity held by Gongkong Network ended perfectly. With its excellent product design and stable enterprise management strength, Baumer Group has won a number of laurels in this annual event and won the The three annual awards are the Industry Leader Management Innovation Award, the Application Innovation Award, and the Testing Automation Innovation Award, which once again proves the innovative ability of Baumer’s products to work together and symbiotically, as well as the brilliance of the solid work style that has been deeply cultivated in the Chinese market and steadily and steadily. performance.

  The company leads the way, the helmsman shows the direction

Leading the development of the enterprise, the responsibilities on the shoulders of the leaders are naturally numerous and heavy. Although Baumer has not entered the Chinese market for a long time, its steady and down-to-earth style of work has been unanimously recognized by customers, and it has also made its own business in China. Blossoming everywhere and developing rapidly, it has won a good reputation and reputation in the field of Industrial automation.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

During the development process of Baumer Group entering China, Mr. Li Zhenyu, President of Baumer Group North Asia and Managing Director of China Company, has always implemented the concept of deeply cultivating China’s industrial automation market, and constantly explored and expanded the industry. The rooting and development in China has broadened the path.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

This time, he won the CAIMRS Industry Leader Management Innovation Award on behalf of Baumer Group. As the leader of Baumer China, such an honor is well deserved. In the future, Mr. Li Zhenyu will continue to lead the Baumer China team to bring more and better products to Chinese customers and provide customers with better services.

  Innovative products, escort development

Products are the core of an enterprise’s standing in the market, and it is also the most hard-core skill in the survival and development of an enterprise. A good product must have the characteristics of the times and can meet the actual needs of current customer applications. Baumer has a strong focus on the design of its own products. unique angle. The anti-sway system for heavy industry is a bold attempt at innovation by Baumer solutions. Heavy industry is the foundation of national infrastructure construction and economic development, and has made an indelible contribution to the rise of China’s national strength.

  Applied Innovation Award

The anti-sway system implemented by Baumer combined with the technical characteristics of its own vision sensors installed in the heavy equipment industry such as cranes and cranes is a safe and innovative application solution specially provided for the development of the heavy industry industry. It can be used in the driving of the heavy equipment workshop, which can protect the life safety of the operator and the safe operation of the production to the greatest extent.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

Compared to traditional PLC built-in anti-sway systems, the Baumer solution requires less hardware and is therefore simpler and more cost-effective. It became a highlight design in this year’s CAIMRS application category and won the Application Innovation Award for it.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

  Testing Automation Innovation Award

Test measurement and inspection is a relatively common type of application in the field of industrial automation, and it is also one of the fields that Baumer is good at. The OM20 and OM30 laser sensors have added network support and training functions on the basis of maintaining the product characteristics of Baumer’s high durability, high reliability and high accuracy.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

This also allows the OM series sensors to give engineers more autonomy, allowing them to be more flexibly integrated into industry application scenarios. Also because of the great flexibility they offer, this year CAIMRS awarded these two laser sensors with the Automation Innovation Award in the inspection category.

CAIMRS2022 ended perfectly, Baumer collected three popular awards

 Make persistent efforts and make great achievements

The annual CAIMRS event is both the end point and the starting point. Although the industry has experienced too many uncertainties in 2022, Baumer China is still in such a situation, forging ahead and creating good results.

In the future, Baumer China will continue to work with customers and partners to make persistent efforts to cultivate the Chinese market in the never-stagnant years, bring more excellent products and solutions, and provide more technological and commercial value for the development of the industry. .

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