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congatec launches new Computer-on-Modules based on 13th Generation Intel Core processors

congatec, a leading supplier of embedded and edge computing technology, announced the launch of the COM-HPC and COM Express computer-on-modules based on the 13th generation high-end Intel Core processors (BGA package). Thanks to the long-life product availability of the new processor, various feature enhancements, and full hardware compatibility with previous generations, the new module will be very easy to install and launch. congatec expects that OEMs will be able to take advantage of these new modules for rapid volume production on a large scale. With a Thunderbolt interface and enhanced PCIe support up to Gen 5, modules based on the new COM-HPC standard open new horizons for developers in terms of data throughput, I/O bandwidth, and performance density. The COM Express 3.1 compliant modules primarily help secure investments in existing OEM designs, including upgrade options for increased data throughput due to support for PCIe Gen4.

The new COM-HPC and COM Express computer-on-modules are equipped with 13th generation Intel Core processors in BGA packages, and their single-thread[1]and multithreading[1]The performance is 8% and 5% higher than the previous generation respectively. Thanks to advances in manufacturing processes, module performance and energy efficiency have improved significantly. In addition, specific models also support DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5 interfaces. Both of these features enable new leaps in multi-threaded performance and data throughput. The processor has up to 80 execution units and ultra-fast decoding/encoding capabilities, and its integrated graphics can meet advanced picture requirements, such as video transmission and video context awareness applications. The above functions will be Industrial, medical, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the consolidation of various embedded and edge computing workloads.

Jürgen Jungbauer, senior product manager at congatec, said: “The numerous feature enhancements of the 13th Gen Intel Core processors make this new generation of Computer-on-Modules excellent, giving the industry the opportunity to rapidly upgrade existing high-end embedded and edge computing solutions, This is critical to all of our OEM customers and value-added service provider partners.”

The new conga-HPC/cRLP computer-on-module in COM-HPC Size A and the compact conga-TC675 module based on the new COM Express 3.1 standard are available in the following models:

congatec launches new Computer-on-Modules based on 13th Generation Intel Core processors

Application engineers can deploy the new COM-HPC Client computer-on-modules on congatec Micro-ATX application carrier boards (conga-HPC/uATX) and immediately enjoy various functions and improvements brought by them, as well as ultra-high-speed PCIe Gen5 connectivity.

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