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DEKRA becomes the first Matter accredited laboratory in the world

At present, Matter has become one of the hottest topics in the global IoT industry. After two rounds of global testing activities SVE1 and SVE2, DEKRA’s laboratories in Malaga, Spain and Guangzhou, China took the lead in becoming the first batch of Matter-approved laboratories in the world authorized by the CSA Alliance (Connectivity Standards Alliance). Create more connections between, simplify development for manufacturers, increase compatibility for consumers, and deliver on its promise of reliable and secure connections.

What is Matter?

The Matter protocol formulated by the CSA Alliance (Connectivity Standards Alliance) is a unified connection protocol based on mature communication technologies and IP including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, and Ethernet to connect and build a reliable and secure IoT ecosystem system. Matter truly realizes the interconnection and cross-platform compatibility between different brands of home appliances, lamps, switches and other products around the world. Therefore, it has been supported by giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google and global manufacturers since its birth.

Matter products offer the following benefits:

Simple: easy to buy and use

Interoperability: Devices from multiple brands can work together natively

Reliability: Consistent and responsive local connections

User Assurance: Powerful and streamlined functionality for developers and users

At the same time, blockchain technology provides the CSA Alliance with a secure, independently verifiable source of information related to IoT devices, which ultimately constitutes a standardized, secure, tamper-proof, and immutable debugging framework.

Certification process

About DEKRA Smart Home Services

DEKRA Smart Home provides a full range of one-stop testing and certification services for global smart device manufacturers and retailers to address the problems existing in the IoT industry. At present, DEKRA smart home service not only provides Matter test certification, but also provides regulatory testing (safety, EMC/RF, energy consumption, chemical, etc.), protocol compliance/conformance testing (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, LoRa, KNX, etc.), ecosystem interoperability/compatibility/cybersecurity testing (Alexa AVS, IoXt, Amazon Alexa cybersecurity, etc.), and DEKRA Smart Home Seal and IECQ certification, certifications unique to DEKRA The content covers five aspects: APP detection, speech recognition, interoperability, interconnection and IoT network security. DEKRA Smart Home will continue to integrate global resources to help enterprises open up a new world of Internet of Everything.