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Digitalization helps physical consumer robots make shopping malls “hot”

On December 6, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the 2022 “Economic Blue Book”, which attracted widespread attention. The Blue Book predicts that by 2025, the total value of my country’s Industrial digitization and digital industrialization is expected to exceed 50% of GDP. By then, the digital economy will become half of the national economic stock and the main source of growth.

At present, the digital economy is booming. “Digital economy” has been written into the government work report four times. “Digitalization” has been mentioned six times in the “14th Five-Year Plan”. “Must-answer questions” to be faced.

As an important position for physical consumption, the ever-increasing offline shopping malls are upgrading their new look through various digital means and reshaping their pivotal position in new retail and new commerce.

Cheetah Mobile is an important partner for shopping malls to accelerate “digitalization”.passrobotCheetah Mobile has created a new retail solution for shopping mall Robots that re-constructs the relationship between people, goods, fields and services, making shopping malls more “hot” and merchants’ business better, but also making shopping malls a life for consumers to experience the quality of life way scene.

Digitalization helps physical consumer robots make shopping malls “hot”

Robots help build smart business complexes

At present, shopping malls have high customer service training costs, difficult to unify service quality, unstable business operations, high rent-out rates, low operating efficiency of private traffic, lack of active marketing tools on-site, scarcity of hot-selling resources, weak interaction and untraceable effects. There are pain points.

How to use smartservice robotTo leverage its intelligent upgrade? As the only shopping mall robot that can work in a high-noise environment, Cheetah shopping mall robots rely on intelligent customer service, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, operating passenger flow, empowering merchants, promoting members, building private domains, advertising intermodal transportation, and forming a win-win four advantages. It has settled in 41 cities and 1,200 shopping malls across the country, and employed 12,000 robots. It has become the common choice of China’s leading commercial real estate companies such as Wanda, Longfor, and CapitaLand.

likesmart robotAt the customer service level, as a commercial complex with large single store volume, high crowd density and wide customer base, shopping malls require huge investment in human resources in places such as welcome reception and service desks. With strong technical support, Cheetah shopping mall robots successfully entered the shopping mall as intelligent customer service, formed cooperation with human customer service in the field, provided thoughtful services to consumers with less human intervention, and helped shopping malls reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In Shenzhen Unicity, 60 Cheetah Mobile shopping mall robots are employed as intelligent customer service, and 70,000 intelligent inquiries are made in a single month, which is equivalent to completing the workload of 20 manual service desks.

Digitalization helps physical consumer robots make shopping malls “hot”

Robots help businesses tap consumer potential

Shopping malls are a huge traffic pool, but not all mall traffic can be efficiently converted into merchant traffic. While Cheetah shopping mall robots help shopping malls build smart commercial complexes, they also help store business grow through near-field marketing of shopping mall robots and far-field marketing of official mini-programs to help store business grow, as well as help shopping malls achieve revenue growth and improve business continuity. rental rate.

The details of this service are as follows:

Drainage of traffic on each floor of the shopping mall: The Cheetah shopping mall robots distributed on each floor, as a smart terminal for near-field marketing within 100 meters of consumption, all-day voice recommendation + large-screen exposure of store coupon information, attracting more shopping malls to place orders and become stores of consumers.

Catering layer interception: Cheetah Mobile’s recruiting service robot Leopard Mini mini deployed at the door of the store can help catering merchants attract and drain traffic. It has digital and intelligent services such as active recruiting, intelligent leadership, and remote store tours. The catering marketing service robot, Lucky Leopard, attracts customers when it is not busy and delivers it when it is busy. It can not only actively recommend signature dishes, new products, promotions, etc. to attract customers into the store, but also enhance the dining experience of customers. Free the waiters from repetitive and high manual labor, and help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency and income.

Conversion of peak consumption: During peak passenger flow, the store is understaffed and the service is lagging. The enthusiastic service of Leopard Little Secret Mini and Zhaocaibao reduces customer loss, especially Zhaocaibao. From attracting customers to leading into the store and delivering meals to the table, the whole process can be Selling package coupons, increasing the unit price of customers, and recommending new products in the store during the season, increasing the repurchase rate, and various content forms to help store promotion and enhance customer stickiness.

Mining customer flow in the business district: Through user operation, it provides a wealth of coupons, welfare activities, etc., which can accurately attract and bring consumers who love shopping malls within 5 kilometers back to the shopping mall scene for consumption.

Cheetah Mobile shopping mall robot drainage service, selling 15,000 sets of set menus for Burger King a month; in Beijing, it brought more than 600 customers to 41 Xiabuxiabu in one weekend; for Longge self-service small hotpot in Qingdao, it brought 100 customers in one weekend famous customers. At present, Cheetah Mall robots have brought business to more than 1,000 catering brands in the mall.

Robots bring a new “shopping” experience

Not only shopping malls and merchants benefit, but for customers, a series of services from robots are gradually building a new “shopping and shopping” model in the context of the digital economy, creating more possibilities for people’s better lives.

As soon as you enter the mall, the cute-looking intelligent robot will take the initiative to welcome you. If you don’t know what businesses are in the mall, where they are located, and what discounts they have, if you want to find a bathroom, a parking lot, or the brand you want to go to, ask the robot. Exactly. It’s dinner time and don’t know what to eat? If you want to quickly find food discount information, Cheetah Mall robots recommend all kinds of value-for-money dining coupons to solve customers’ “difficulty in choosing”, cooperate with robots to scan code to pay, navigate to the store and other services, walk to the door of the store, and recruit robots to greet customers , will also recommend signature dishes, and after being seated, there will be robots delivering meals to the table…

The Cheetah shopping mall robot can reduce the decision-making time of consumers by reconstructing the processes of consumers entering the mall, ordering, checkout, entering the store, and delivering meals. Placing an order and consuming in the store can help consumers reduce queuing time and improve dining efficiency and experience.

With the advancement of technology and the development of the digital economy, with robots as the fulcrum, offline shopping malls are accelerating their upgrades. Cheetah shopping mall robots provide shopping malls with the conditions to create an experiential, immersive, and social consumption experience. Robots near-field marketing and online drainage help merchants expand the scope of customer acquisition, attracting a steady stream of shopping malls and surrounding customers to the store, allowing Customers get a more technological and more affordable consumption experience. A win-win situation for all parties, while nurturing the merchants and consumers of the mall, Cheetah Mall robots will also continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the economy.

Digitalization helps physical consumer robots make shopping malls “hot”

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