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Emerson’s Digital Twin Helps Make Polysilicon Enterprises Valuable

Affected by the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the global industry’s demand for polysilicon has grown rapidly, and the market is in short supply. In the next ten years, China’s energy structure will be transformed into a clean and low-carbon energy structure. Domestic polysilicon enterprises are only fast and unbreakable. Under the influence of the accelerated development of various opportunities, there are new thoughts on how to make new employees quickly adapt to new positions and make project execution more certain.

Emerson’s Digital Twin Helps Make Polysilicon Enterprises Valuable

Why is the application of digital twins so important? In order to shorten the ramp-up period of production capacity, polysilicon enterprises have reduced the operating cost of the plant, and the demand for the operation experience of operators and the optimization of plant control is also increasing. Emerson’s digital twin technology provides a safe, efficient environment for more idealized manufacturing and production competitiveness with zero disruption to on-site factory manufacturing. By establishing a real-time connection between the physical and digital worlds, businesses can leverage digital twins to manage the full lifecycle of projects. From the design and development of the project, to the automatic production start-up, as well as the production operation and maintenance, enterprises can fully apply the digital twin technology. This helps companies quickly identify and solve problems, accelerate time-to-market, improve product quality, optimize product operations, and develop new business models that increase profitability.

Emerson Digital Twin Technology:

To achieve these results, Emerson provides software, project engineering services, and lifecycle support services to implement and maintain digital twin solutions:

  • Operator training systems that improve operator efficiency, safety and decision-making.
  • Simulation and test systems that enhance control system testing in an offline environment, reducing time and cost during engineering projects and change management.
  • Versatile dynamic simulation that provides advantages throughout the life cycle of plant design creation, from design to commissioning, startup to operation.
  • Emerson combines products and integrates new technologies into the automation field. DeltaV simulation and Mimic simulation software are the two basic software for the development of the full life cycle dynamic simulation of the digital twin project.

Provide the operator with the ability to deal with emergencies

In the production of polysilicon, rectification device is one of the key processes. It consists of towers at various levels such as coarse fractionation tower, weight removal tower, and light removal tower. Vertical and horizontal lines and material flow, as well as countless operator judgments, make every operation critical. How to let new employees who have never participated in maintenance and driving quickly master the operation skills of the device’s starting and stopping process requires hands-on practice and practical operations to master the key points. In the daily production process, the regular start-up and shutdown of the plant has already required repeated practice. However, the training should not only provide formal project training for common factory operations, but also for abnormal situations, process disturbances and equipment failures in the actual process. Practice exam situations. By building a simulation system environment and customizing scenarios such as production events and failures, on-the-job employees can repeatedly train relevant emergency responses at any time, strengthen the operator’s potential muscle memory, and improve the on-the-job operator’s process operation emergency capability. At the same time, during the operation of the training system, it monitors and locates the operation problems of personnel, so as to achieve the purpose of precise and directional operation training management. Practicing operations on a system that has a complete dynamic process simulation and is relatively consistent with the control system of the actual plant can effectively help operators to increase their confidence in their work.

Emerson’s Digital Twin Helps Make Polysilicon Enterprises Valuable

Mimic Train course interface

Ensure program reliability before implementation

Digital Twin technology provides a safe method for the verification of potential changes in the production system. Changes in the control system configuration during project execution often bring the risk of configuration errors. After the control system configuration is changed, it can be repeated in the simulation program. Conduct tests to find and eliminate configuration errors.

Using Mimic Test Bench, control system engineers can automate control system testing and inspection documentation, saving time and cost while ensuring more consistent, consistent and comprehensive testing.

At the same time, Emerson has accumulated a lot of process model experience in the polysilicon industry, and can provide accurate process dynamic models for enterprise process engineers. Because of this, it can also assist enterprises in process optimization and transformation research, and use offline simulation programs to test advanced control strategies. Fine-tune and confirm and ultimately mitigate operational losses.

Emerson’s Digital Twin Helps Make Polysilicon Enterprises Valuable

Multipurpose dynamic simulation ensures project progress

The rapid development of enterprises sometimes means that the cycle of polysilicon projects is compressed, and the challenge that comes with it is how to achieve reliable results while meeting schedule requirements in a shorter time. In order to meet the tight project schedule and achieve a substantial increase in efficiency, Mimic supports the development of simulation models and the synchronization of the control system configuration. Simultaneous development of control logic can build simulation models to test alarm points, ranges and proportions, and PID loop control. Commands, simple and complex interlocks, sequence control, and HMI configuration. Testing these items early in the project allows for quick and successful factory acceptance testing. Once tested, it can also be used to train operators without additional investment as a standard for mid-term delivery of the digital twin project. Imagine how wonderful it would be for the operator to have completed basic training and induction assessment before driving. Developing process simulation models in parallel with automation system configuration projects can bring greater value for testing and operator training.Use a simulation system between FAT and commissioning windows to test complex control strategies and reduce the risk of costly delays or trips during start-up, keeping project schedules on track and fully prepared for operational operations

Monitoring Maintenance (Maintain Phase)

Whether the Industrial network security project can be successfully implemented and realize the value, the key factor lies in the daily operation, maintenance and management of the system. In addition to providing powerful SOC (Security Operations Center) solutions, Emerson can help users build security operations centers. It also integrates the predictive monitoring and maintenance of industrial network security into the DCS life cycle maintenance program-SureService service package. Emerson’s SureService service packs are a collection of different levels of lifecycle service packs. A portfolio of different levels of services, from basic to advanced, provides users with the flexibility to choose services, allowing users to choose Emerson local services more flexibly in terms of system maintenance, reliability and performance needs. SureService products also help users communicate more deeply with senior technical experts. Emerson will provide users with consulting services to help improve the reliability of DeltaV systems and better manage the lifecycle of these systems.

Emerson’s Digital Twin Helps Make Polysilicon Enterprises Valuable

Emerson has always put forward optimized solutions from the perspective of customers, so that enterprises can understand digital twin solutions. Simulation models developed in parallel can be used to effectively validate the control system configuration right from the start of the project, and the same simulation system can be used to train operators on the new system before it goes live, and then to continue the test run in the virtual plant. Operational changes and improvements to ensure that these potential unplanned downtimes are eliminated before changes go live. We have learned that digital twins are widely viewed by polysilicon companies as a viable and high-return investment, and are becoming the norm for companies. The value has become explicit, what are you waiting for?

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