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Estee Lauder launches AR lipstick robot, no need to go to the counter for color testing

OFweekrobotEstée Lauder today announced the launch of the Conversational Lipstick Assistant to guide customers in choosing and purchasing their ideal lip gloss. The AR robot has landed on Facebook Messenger and was jointly created by Estee Lauder and ModiFace, a Canadian AR company that specializes in beauty applications.

This lipstick robot uses ModiFace’s facial recognition technology and AR technology, in addition to helping customers find the desired lip color, it can also “paint” the lip color on your lips through the lens to show you whether the effect is suitable. From then on, ladies and sisters can try makeup anytime, anywhere, and you don’t have to go to the counter!

In order to solve the customer’s color selection troubles, the robot can also recommend the appropriate lip color one-to-one according to the customer’s preferences.

In addition, if you like a friend’s lip color, you can also take a picture of the lipstick (or any object), and then use the robot’s “color lookup” function, so that the robot will find the corresponding lip color according to the color of the object.

Estee Lauder and ModiFace already launched AR makeup application in May this year, and today’s launch of the lipstick chatbot is a further extension of this AR application.

Stephane de La Faverie, Global Brand Director, Estée Lauder, said: “The key to Estée Lauder’s partnership with ModiFace is to bring AR and AI to platforms that make it easy for customers to try our products. Communication platforms like Facebook Messenger enable consumers to find, try, and Perfect choice to buy our products.”

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