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FB designs dating robot Lara for single dogs to provide matching services

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Facebook offers singles an AI chat called ‘Lara’robotwhich uses natural language programming and speech recognition technology to chat with users to obtain details such as age, life and sexual orientation, thereby helping singles match up.

The chatbot uses natural language programming and speech recognition technology so that users think they are talking to a real person. By talking to singles, Lara is able to capture what those users are interested in and introduce them to other singles.

FB designs dating robot Lara for single dogs to provide matching services

Pictured: AI chatbot Lara talks to singles via Facebook Messenger and then introduces them to other singles with similar interests.

Launched by dating service Match.com, the chatbot asks users about their age, life and sexuality. By analyzing this information, she will recommend a series of different paired users to users, including those users’ avatars and basic information to appear in the conversation chain of Messenger. If users are interested in what they see, they can click on the corresponding picture to enter the matchmaking app, where they can learn the full profile.

After successfully launching the service in France last year, the team is now rolling it out to users in the UK. “Lara is not limited to answering closed questions and can engage with singles in a natural conversational way,” Match.com said in a release, “Thanks to matching member details, she can analyze up to 50 match criteria , which includes different zodiac signs and hobbies, and in doing so becomes a real dating matchmaker.”

Lara is a general conversationalist, not just answering closed questions. Abbie Oguntade, vice president of Facebook’s Nordic Center, said, “Whether it’s through mobile apps, or now Lara, we’re always looking for new and convenient ways to meet people’s needs. With more than a billion users around the world using Messenger, It’s now an important part of people’s daily lives. Developing dating bots has become our priority, and our goal is to make it easy for singles to find dates wherever they are.”

FB designs dating robot Lara for single dogs to provide matching services

The bot is just one of many bots coming to Facebook’s messenger app. Lara uses artificial intelligence to analyze up to 50 match criteria, including different zodiac signs and interests. Lara also asks people for personal information, such as their age, where they live and their sexual orientation.

In addition to Lara, Yahoo has launched a chatbot called “Captain” on Facebook Messenger to help friends and family organize tasks. Co, Vice President of Product Management at YahooIn a blog post, nrad Wai said, “You can make plans with your favorite people through Captain, without them having a ton of notifications and lengthy, unplanned requests and questions. This bot will help Users simplify team collaboration, which will make teams bigger and longer.”

This experience makes the interaction flawless. These new Facebook bots will provide real-time updates on a variety of topics, including news, sports, and even ordering delivery services online. Facebook Messenger already supports bots for individual users, but the program is designed to allow teams to interact.

At Facebook’s annual developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced Lara, the dating bot, just one of many apps on Facebook.Chatbots are often aautomationA program that helps users communicate with businesses and perform functions such as online shopping. These chatbots were seen at the time as Facebook’s big opportunity to dominate business-to-user relationships.

At a conference last year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “You should be able to message businesses like a friend. Today we’re launching a messaging platform to build artificial intelligence bots. Developers can create AI bots by developing natural language Services to communicate with users and can create their own bots to provide a range of support and services.”

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