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Guoke Robot’s grand opening carnival feast has exploded in Beijing

August 18, 2016, National SciencerobotThe opening ceremony of the park and the launching ceremony of “Mengzu Kugou” were grandly held on the second basement floor of Beijing Guoruicheng Shopping Center, offering a carnival feast to the people of Beijing. At the opening ceremony, the cute mascot of Guoke Robot interacted with the guests from time to time. Hundreds of guests were present to witness this exciting moment.
With a very powerful and futuristicmechanicalDance, the opening ceremony of Beijing Guoke Robot Park officially kicked off. Ms. Zhang Jin, the chairman of the board, delivered a speech first. She said that the Guoke Robot Park is integrated with the world’s top technology and technology, integrating robot exhibition, intelligent entertainment, theme performances, science fantasy, children’s amusement, VR and other projects, and is committed to bringing tourists. Immersive sensory experience, start a wonderful journey of joy. Afterwards, the six guests jointly activated the park’s mascot, Guguo, announcing the official opening of the Guoke Robot Park.
In addition, the main creator of the movie “Meng Zu Kugou” also appeared on stage and interacted humorously with the host. The suspenseful lottery session pushed the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a boiling point, and the event ended perfectly with laughter and applause.
Play interactive all-round experience Raiders Wonderland
Beijing Guoke Robot Park is the first robot theme park under Shenzhen Guoke Sheng Robot Technology Co., Ltd. It perfectly combines a variety of intelligent technological means and artistic concepts, combining the most popular entertainment forms and cool lighting digital technology, with different The theme scene design and the playful way of playing allow you to experience the shock of the sci-fi paradise in an all-round way while being in a super large space of 6,000 square meters.
After entering the park from the entrance, a “Time Tunnel” with great visual impact will take you to a new continent full of wonder and sci-fi in an instant. All kinds of star simulation Robots in “Star Zero Distance” will open your eyes. The cute intelligent robots and robot seals are equipped with various skills that should not be underestimated. After meeting the stars face to face, it is better to go to “Underwater Swimming” to enjoy the coolness of the “ocean”, which has a vivid submarine area and the largest Display of Robotic fish in the country. If you want to break through the boundaries between reality and virtuality, the next stop “Virtual Space” must not be missed. The most advanced VR wearable equipment and first-class landscaping arrangements are perfectly integrated, allowing you to immediately feel the thrill of “Dragon Hunting”, and “Dragon Hunting”. Time Warriors” fight side by side. When you come to “Carnival Square”, you can enjoy original multimedia performances brought by famous young artists at home and abroad, you can also watch the robot competition and dance event, and you can even compete with robots against basketball and chess . The 3D and 5D ultra-realistic fashion and dynamic blockbusters in “Video Entertainment Zone” stimulate your nerves and are an essential movie viewing experience. As a robot theme park suitable for all ages and covering all age groups, Guoke Robot Park has also created a wonderful world full of childlike fun for children. With dreamlike sound effects and lighting settings, parents and children can experience intelligent interactive projection painting here, and enjoy a wonderful parent-child time.
Guokesheng injects the genes of intelligent robots into the cultural tourism technology industry, provides the masses with unique cultural leisure and entertainment experience services, and creates a new situation in cultural tourism technology. In the future, Guokesheng will rapidly develop a large-scale national layout and a chain operation model. With the theme of “robots”, it will integrate robots, high-tech intelligence, amusement operations, and research and development, and strive to create an innovative robot culture and entertainment platform.
With the opening of the park, more exciting activities will follow. From August 19th to August 31st, the “Passionate Summer, V You Walk Together” event is about to start, apply for a stored value card or become a WeChat member, and post your play photos, you can get the mascot of Guoke Robot Park. . Very interesting activities such as “Summer Lucky Star” and “Battle of the Gun King” will also be launched. Those who like challenges must not miss it.
Amusement and robot enthusiasts are already gearing up, and can’t wait to go to Guoke Robot Park to find out. Guoke Robot Park is open from 10:00 to 23:00, with an adult ticket of 180 yuan, a student ticket of 120 yuan, and a child ticket of 100 yuan. Now you can buy discounted park experience tickets on major group buying websites. Come to Guoke Machine Park to start a wonderful and joyful journey!