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Home intelligent service robots enter the 2.0 era

Hunan Daily, September 11 (Reporter Hu Yufen Correspondent He Hao) The elderly are lonely and can accompany them to video chat; the blood pressure and heart rate of the elderly can be monitored in real time; in case of emergency, the elderly can press the SOS button to call for help… First published nationwide Home Smart ServicerobotHunan Rongle Technology has recently launched an upgraded version of the Xiaoxing robot with stronger and more stable functions.
A few days ago, Qiu Ping, general manager of Hunan Rongle Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that the three home intelligent service Robots, the housekeeper type, the filial star type and the children type, have all entered the 2.0 era from the 1.0 era, with interconnection, smart home control, human-machine voice Interaction, two-way video, free cruise and other functions have tended to be technically stable and perfect. She also revealed that the special education robot to accompany autistic children and the welcome robot at the front desk of the company will also be available in November this year.
Robot is one of the key industries in Hunan’s “Five-Year Action Plan” to build a strong manufacturing province. With the intensification of aging and the increasing lack of companionship for children, many people often lament that they have no time to take care of themselves. How to coordinate the relationship between work and family has become a difficult problem for many people. Taking a fancy to the huge market demand, the home intelligent service robot integrating care, communication, companionship, housekeeping, security and other functions has become a blue ocean in the field of robot research and development.
andindustryDifferent from robots, home intelligent service robots mainly deal with people, and the processing of life details requires the support of big data technology. Rongle Technology adheres to the road of independent innovation. After two years of research and development by technical teams from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc., it has conquered robot automatic control technology, sensor detection technology, program control technology, remote control technology and robot trajectory walking technology. , indoor IPS navigation technology and other interdisciplinary technologies, and built a robot voice interaction system.

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