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imc releases new high-insulation measuring modules – test voltages up to 1500V

Supports electric vehicle and battery performance testing applications

imc releases new high-insulation measuring modules – test voltages up to 1500V

September 14, 2022 – The new imc CANSASfit HISO-HV-4 measurement module fills the gap in the growing need for high-voltage testing in the electric vehicle and battery testing markets. This new CAN bus-based measurement module can measure in high voltage environments up to 1500V, extending the test range for test engineers and research and development (R&D) professionals.

Expand testing capabilities in the field of EV or battery testing

The addition of new modules further enriches and enhances the imc CANSASfit measurement module family! This series is based on CAN bus to complete the test tasks and includes a variety of compact and robust measurement modules. It can be used for data acquisition (DAQ) in various real vehicle tests or bench tests. Thanks to the built-in signal conditioning unit, it can directly connect various common physical quantity signals, such as voltage, current, temperature, rotational speed, displacement and velocity.

It is worth mentioning that the new high-insulation measurement module is suitable for direct measurement in high-voltage environments, such as real vehicle and bench testing in the field of electric vehicle or battery testing.

The new HISO-HV-4 measurement module is designed to capture differential voltages up to 1500V with 1000VCAT II isolation and reinforced insulation. Four channels equipped with banana connectors (common terminals in laboratories) transmit measurement data via the CAN bus, with a maximum data rate of 1 kHz per channel.

Through imc’s unique “snap” mechanism, the compact CANSASfit module can be easily snapped to other fit family modules, and the mechanical and electrical double docking can be completed by one “snap”, especially with HISO-T-8 and HISO-UT -6 Models of complementary High Isolation (HISO) modules. These modules are designed to enable direct measurement of temperature sensors (TC, RTD), low voltage and MEMS accelerometers in high voltage environments of 800-1000V. It can be seen that the imc CANSASfit series modules are the most suitable product portfolio for applications related to real vehicle performance and battery testing of electric vehicles.

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