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In the digital age, see how ABB protects information security

  information security

The collision and fusion of Internet technology and industrial automation,

Promote the vigorous development of the Industrial Internet,

At the same time, it also brought the emergence of massive data.

In an environment haunted by diverse data,

To build efficient operations,

Information security is an important part that cannot be ignored.

How to protect enterprise information security in the digital age?

In this regard, Zhang Yu, Technical Director of ABB Ability™ Digital Platform China, introduced the many guarantees ABB has made in terms of data security.

Zhang Yu, Technical Leader of ABB Ability™ Digital Platform China: “In the process of digital transformation, only by establishing a complete information security guarantee system to effectively ensure the security of various types of information and data can digital transformation be truly advanced. ABB has always made information security a corporate-level strategic goal to ensure safer, smarter and more sustainable operations for our customers.”

In the digital age, see how ABB protects information security

Triple protection to ensure information security

ABB can provide customers with multiple services from analysis, design, delivery to evaluation. Starting from the customer’s business needs, ABB’s information security strategy is mainly based on three key points.

01System Level Security

Protecting industrial systems is more challenging than protecting personal computers. Many industrial devices do not have on-screen keyboards and run mission-critical systems that cannot be taken offline. These security implementations implemented in the Ability™ digital platform include: secure communication, secure boot, threat detection, and ensuring that programs and data cannot be tampered with or compromised. In production, for example, the device needs to be secured at boot (boot), ensuring that software updates come from a reputable source and have not been altered, and that threats are detected and handled in a timely manner.

02Data security

The regulations or rules on data ownership and intellectual property rights in the industry are often not well established. However, data is like the “blood” of industrial enterprises, covering a lot of key information. It is very important for customers to clarify the ownership and use rights of data. ABB believes that customers have ownership of their data and they can authorize access and processing of this data.

03 Strict compliance

ABB strictly abides by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s consumer privacy laws globally, and follows international cybersecurity best practices and standards, such as ISO27001, ICE62443, etc. At the same time, we also pay close attention to the constantly developing domestic cybersecurity regulations and standards, and abide by China’s Cybersecurity Law, Data Security Law, and Personal Information Protection Law. Based on the above laws and regulations, ABB has formulated strict specifications, risk assessment and review procedures for personal information and data export.

The ABB Ability™ digital platform and solutions have been deployed in China’s Microsoft Cloud and Huawei Cloud to meet the requirements of Chinese users for data security and network security regulations, and have passed the national network security level protection 2.0 level 3 filing in 2020.

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