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Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Baotou, known as “Prairie Steel City” and “Rare Earth Capital”, is an important basic Industrial base in China and a global light rare earth industry center. It is a key development area for the country and Inner Mongolia to open to the outside world. With the new generation of information technology leading the technological revolution and industrial upgrading, digital technology and digital economy have gradually become an important boost for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Baotou. In order to build an ecosystem of cooperation and exchange, create a win-win situation, and strive to break through the digital transformation barriers of Baotou process industry enterprises, on September 8, “Central Control Technology 5T Ecological Tour – Baotou Station” was successfully held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. With the theme of “Inclusion, Symbiosis, and Co-creation”, this eco-tour event brings together experts, scholars, business leaders, and industry ecological partners from all over the world to discuss the way of digital transformation and development, and guide digital transformation and development for the majority of manufacturing enterprises. Promoting smart manufacturing in the right direction.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Ji Suwei, representative of Baotou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Cui Shan, chairman and president of Supcon Technology, Zhong Weitao, assistant to the president, Wang Junfeng, president of Northeast Region, and nearly 100 company representatives attended the event.

Ji Suwei pointed out in his speech at the conference that for a city with heavy industry like Baotou, industrial digitization has become an inevitable demand for the development of innovative economy. The informatization construction and development of enterprises in Baotou has played a positive role. It is hoped that the guests and entrepreneurs will take this event as an opportunity to actively communicate and strengthen exchanges, so as to make suggestions and explore experiences for the development of Baotou.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Subsequently, Zhong Weitao delivered a speech. Zhong Weitao expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Baotou Municipal Government and Baotou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology for their strong support to this conference, and introduced the concept of SUPCON’s digital innovation to empower the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry and promote sustainable development. with practice. Supcon Technology has always been committed to meeting the industrial digitalization needs of the process industry, actively exploring key problems and breakthroughs in “5T technology”, creating a new generation of products and solutions, and cracking the entire life cycle of engineering design, engineering construction, operation management and operation and maintenance services. the problem. In the future, I look forward to working with you to “integrate, coexist, and create together”, and continue to forge ahead and forge ahead for the construction of a higher-quality, healthy and prosperous industrial digital ecosystem.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Under the guidance and leadership of Baotou Municipal Government, Zhongkong Technology has successfully implemented the intelligent control project of Baotou Steel Air Compressor official website, Inner Mongolia Xinyuan Silicon Material Technology Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons/year granular silicon (nano silicon segment) industrial silicon integration A series of successful cases such as the control system project, the 150,000-ton silicon industrial silicon project of Hongyuan Energy, and the 100,000-ton polysilicon DCS integration project.

Working with partners to write a broader ecological blueprint, SUPCON hopes to provide comprehensive transformation and upgrading with unique competitive advantages for the entire industrial value chain of the process industry by virtue of the innovative integration model of “5T technology”, and also hopes to cooperate with all sectors of society to jointly promote the process industry The advanced 5T technology injects a steady stream of kinetic energy into industrial digital manufacturing and provides key support for intelligent transformation.

At the event, seven industry experts from Supcon Technology and Wang Yu, the market manager of Hangzhou Zhaohua Electronics, focused on “digital transformation”, “smart park construction”, “industrial energy conservation and emission reduction”, “industrial production safety”, “information “Safety” and other aspects of the theme report were published, sharing intelligent manufacturing application cases and digital transformation practices, and jointly discussed how enterprises can carry out digital transformation and achieve healthy and sustainable development.

Zhao Lujun

The development trend and construction ideas of digital transformation of manufacturing industry

At present, intelligent manufacturing is taking root and bearing fruit in industrial enterprises. The application scenarios of industrial digital intelligence are changing. The digital transformation of industrial enterprises extends from the factory operation period to the full life cycle, from the inside of the factory to end-to-end integration, from single business. Extended to multi-service integration collaboration. Supcon Technology believes that the transformation of digital intelligence should adhere to the “problem + demand” orientation, clarify the underlying logic, and do a good job of top-level design. Focusing on the main value chain, analyze the value leakage and opportunity points in the business process, innovate a new model of excellent operation, and seek benefits from the whole life cycle of the factory. The overall solution for the digital transformation of the whole life cycle of SUPCON will accompany and empower customers to succeed.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Li Zhimian

Development and Thinking of New Generation Intelligent Operation Management and Control System

At present, process industry enterprises generally face high energy consumption and material consumption, high labor intensity, many safety hazards, difficult process improvement, difficult equipment operation and maintenance, and weak data intelligence. . In July this year, Zhongkong Technology launched a new generation of full-process intelligent operation management and control (i-OMC) system. Based on the accumulation of experience in process control and optimization in the process industry, the system deeply integrates intelligent algorithms, expert experience and process mechanism knowledge to achieve de-skilling of operations in the entire life cycle of the production process, and comprehensively improve the automatic control rate, stability rate and safety of the device. , greatly reduce the operation frequency of the device, realize the independent and coordinated operation of the whole process of the device production, and achieve “less manned” to “unmanned” operation.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Liu Benzhi

A new engine for innovation and development of smart parks

In recent years, the construction of chemical industry parks in my country has developed vigorously, but there are still common problems in park management, such as single supervision means, insufficient data sharing, and weak system linkage. Build new infrastructure for the park, deepen integrated applications, and improve park governance capabilities. Central Control Technology builds a unified support and application business platform for the industrial park based on the localized base. By building a leading park safety prevention and control and emergency command system, the chemical park is guaranteed. “Safe, stable, long, full and excellent” to promote the development of the park to an industrial agglomeration type and an ecological economy type.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Wu Chenglong

Sharing and co-construction, the new model of the Federal Reserve

Industrial enterprises are still facing many pain points such as low supply chain efficiency, high procurement costs, large inventory of spare parts, and slow service response. Central Control Technology’s new model of federated reserve provides a more flexible and efficient resource allocation and collaboration mechanism to provide enterprise customers with more real-time and comprehensive personalized services. Asset-light, zero inventory, escort the production and operation of customers, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Wang Kuanxin

5T ecological connection, towards a new journey of decarbonization

Under the background of the double-carbon era, promoting intelligent manufacturing to achieve high-quality development of enterprises, and helping process industry enterprises to fully realize energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon operation are topics of concern and concern to enterprise management. Supcon Technology regards sustainable development as a part of creating value for customers and society. Based on its rich experience in process industry energy conservation and emission reduction, dual-carbon path planning, intelligent production decision-making, industrial big data application, etc., relying on the integration of 5T technology to help Digital transformation of enterprises to achieve healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Li Jing

The solution to industrial production safety

Safe production is the first element of industrial enterprises. At present, serious accidents occur frequently in industrial enterprises. With the increasingly strict and institutionalized government supervision, high requirements are put forward for the safety management of industrial enterprises. To make safe production more “numbers”, the industrial production safety solution of Zhongkong Technology provides a digital, visual and intelligent solution of all elements and the whole process, helping to build a dual prevention mechanism for risk and hidden dangers, preventing problems before they occur, and realizing industrial production equipment Full life cycle management to protect industrial safety.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Yu Mengda

Exploration of Industrial Information Security Based on “1+2” ​​Innovative Technology System

Today, large-scale targeted cyber attacks have exploded, and cyber security has become one of the most important factors in national security. Based on its rich experience in product R&D and engineering practice in the field of industrial control, Zhongkong Technology conducts a comprehensive analysis of the information security vulnerability and risk factor of smart factories. Supcon Industrial Information Security and other security solutions”, can solve the compliance and other issues required by the security in one-stop and whole process.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Wang Yu

Acoustic imaging products help enterprises transform intelligently

Hangzhou Zhaohua Electronics Co., Ltd.’s acoustic imaging technology enables enterprises to bid farewell to manual operations and records through efficient, intuitive and convenient equipment, covering chemical, natural gas, metallurgy, cement and other process industries, helping enterprises reduce economic losses and creating industrial fault detection. revolution.

Inclusion, symbiosis and co-creation | SUPCON 5T Ecological Tour was successfully held

Ecological co-construction, future sharing. To promote the automation, digitization and intelligence of the process industry, enable the reengineering of the process industry industry chain, and promote the overall level of the value chain, it requires the industry to integrate, leverage and build together. Supcon Technology will continue to adhere to the concept of “openness, sharing, cooperation and win-win”, and partners through thick and thin to build an ecosystem, contribute more to the digital transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the Baotou industry, and contribute to the green and high-quality development of the process industry. , and make greater contributions to the realization of China’s “dual carbon” goal.

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