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International exhibition held this week, robot concept stocks welcome rise

China Internationalrobot(25.300, -0.09, -0.35%)exhibitionwill be held this week. It is reported that the conference is one of the four major robot exhibitions in the world, and it is also the only exhibition project supported by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) in China.Analysts believe that with theindustryWith transformation and upgrading, rising labor costs and falling robot production costs, the domestic Robot Industry is facing an inflection point of accelerated growth.

  International Robot Exhibition to be held this week

2016 China International Robot Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from July 6th to 9th. The conference will be organized by ChinamechanicalIt is co-sponsored by the Federation of Industry, China Robot Industry Alliance and Shanghai Zhongjilian Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is reported that the conference is one of the four major robot exhibitions in the world, and it is also the only exhibition project supported by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) in China.

Previously, Huai Jinpeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that my country attaches great importance to the innovation and industrialization of cutting-edge emerging fields such as Robots. At present, the number of Industrial robots has accounted for a quarter of the world’s total. “In China, the robot industry not only has a strong market driver, but also has a reserve of technology and talents.” Huai Jinpeng said.

According to the robot industry development plan jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions in April this year, by 2020, my country will achieve an annual output of 100,000 industrial robots of its own brand, an annual output of more than 50,000 industrial robots with six axes and above, and an annual sales of service robots. The revenue exceeds 30 billion yuan, and small-scale production and application are realized in the fields of helping the elderly and the disabled, medical rehabilitation and other fields.

“Using robot technology to improve my country’s industrial development level and complete the transformation from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power has gradually become the consensus of the whole society.” Experts told the “Investment Express” that robots andautomationIndustry will become the mainstream direction of my country’s high-end manufacturing development in the future, and will play an important role in my country’s industrial transformation and structural adjustment.

Zheshang Securities pointed out that with my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading, rising labor costs and falling robot production costs, we believe that the domestic robot industry is facing an inflection point of accelerated growth. Unlike service robots, which are still in the exploratory period in the domestic market, industrial robots have a certain development foundation and are currently entering the stage of full popularization.

According to the latest data from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the global sales of industrial robots in 2015 was 248,000 units, a year-on-year growth rate of 12% (221,000 units in 2014). speed. The Asian market has the fastest growth rate. Among them, the Chinese market has grown by 17%, and it is still the world’s largest consumer demand country for robots.

  GF Securities(16.590, -0.17, -1.01%)It is believed that with the switching of the application field of industrial robots, the future demand will be applied on a large scale in some new scenarios, and the large-scale demand in the era of automobiles, 3C or home appliances is concentrated in the production process (cutting, welding, loading and unloading, etc.) , In the back-end application links, such as the application of logistics, packaging and other links has just started, and the future has broad prospects.

  Layout of three main lines

China, as the world’s largest robot market, generally believes that the robot market will maintain rapid growth in the future. Analysts said that as industrial robots are widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics, metals and machinery, the replacement of manual production by robots is an important development trend of the future manufacturing industry, the basis for the realization of intelligent manufacturing, and the realization of industrial automation, digitization and intelligence in the future. guaranteed.

CICC believes that benefiting from the dual factors on the demand side (domestic labor costs continue to rise, with the world’s largest manufacturing scale and the largest potential market for automation equipment) and the supply side (the gap between domestic robot automation equipment leaders and foreign manufacturers has narrowed) Promote, China will emerge world-class Robotic automation manufacturers.

  Dongxing Securities(24.070, -0.37, -1.51%)Analyst Zheng Mingang said that in addition to the 15% market share of the servo system in my country’s robot market, the rest of the parts market is mainly dominated by technology giants such as the United States and Japan. With the implementation of relevant support policies, local companies that deploy Robot Parts will Increase independent research and development efforts and build its own brand, and then climb to high value-added research and development and both ends of the brand to open up profit margins.

Market participants believe that the rising trend of manufacturing labor costs caused by the reduction in domestic labor supply in 2016 will remain unchanged, and the in-depth implementation of “Made in China 2025” will still require relatively strong demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment, which has brought significant development opportunities to the robotics industry. . With the frequent blowing of policies, the robot sector has become a hot sector in the market.

In terms of targets, GF Securities suggests that we can start from several aspects: (1) Enterprises that attach importance to vertical integration of the industrial chain, such asNewstar(15.710, -0.09, -0.57%)(002527),Eston(33.810, -0.59, -1.72%)(002747), etc.; (2) Pay attention to new business areas as breakthrough points, especially enterprises that take intelligent production lines as entry points, such asYongchuang Intelligence(17.730, -0.25, -1.39%)(603901),Dongjie Intelligence(41.740, 0.66, 1.61%)(300486), etc.; (3) attach importance to enterprises with rich industry experience in the field of integration, such asHuachangda(17.430, 0.34, 1.99%)Robot (300024) et al.

Galaxy Securities believes that it can be deployed from three main lines. 1. System integration enterprises that master core technologies and can develop across fields, such as robots,Bright Shares(18.980, -0.28, -1.45%)(002698),Tianqi shares(16.200, -0.13, -0.80%)(002009) et al.2. Enterprises that have mastered the core technology of related parts and components such asInovance Technology(19.180, -0.22, -1.13%)(300124), Xinshida, etc. 3. Relevant listed companies entering the field of robotics:Shanghai Electromechanical(19.150, -0.04,-0.21%)(600835),Cixing shares(13.040, -0.14, -1.06%)(300307) et al.

  Guosen Securities(17.130, -0.12, -0.70%)It is recommended to pay attention to: 1. Listed companies with a whole industry chain layout are optimistic about robots, Xinshida,Great Wheel(4.390, -0.13, -2.88%)(002031). 2. Enterprises that focus on the production of core components in the upstream layout, focusing on Inovance Technology and Shanghai Electromechanical. 3. Companies that increase the research and development of robot ontology and focus on expanding downstream applications are recommended to pay attention to Boshi,Yawei shares(14.830, 0.08, 0.54%)(002559),Keyuan shares(34.180,-0.15, -0.44%)(002380). 4. Domestic enterprises that focus on system integration are optimistic about Cixing (300307).

  Individual stock points will be set

  Yawei shares (002559)

The company is domestic metal formingmachine toolA leading enterprise, positioned in the field of high-end equipment. The company has formed four major categories of main businesses, including CNC sheet metal processing machine tools and CNC flexible automatic processing production lines, CNC plate rolling processing machinery, CNC laser processing equipment, and robots. Benefiting from the replacement of labor by machines, industrial upgrading and other factors, the market demand for automated production lines is strong; the sales ratio of the company’s automated complete production lines has increased from 21% in 2014 to about 25% in 2015, and orders in 2015 have increased by nearly 50% year-on-year.

The analysis pointed out that Yawei has mastered the Industrial Robot ontology (linear robot) technology through the cooperation with Leiss of Germany. At the same time, the company will pay attention to and seize the development opportunities of the robot system integration business and accelerate the growth rate of the scale benefit of the robot business segment. . The research report of Ping An Securities pointed out that the company and Leiss of Germany jointly invested and established a joint venture company, which is committed to building a first-class linear robot manufacturer. In 2015, the linear robot body received an order of 12 million yuan, and achieved small batch sales. It is expected to achieve sales revenue of more than 30 million yuan this year.

  Keyuan shares (002380)

In recent years, the company has been actively deploying robots and intelligent manufacturing industry chains, and has teamed up with the Institute of Robot Sensing and Control Technology, School of Instrument Science and Engineering, Southeast University, to jointly develop upper limb rehabilitation training robots, exoskeleton walking training rehabilitation robots, and assistance for community and family rehabilitation. Product technology and products, etc. The analysis believes that the company and Southeast University signed a cooperation agreement on rehabilitation robotics technology, which is the company’s plan around the two main business lines of “robots” and “artificial intelligence“, marking the company’s business layout has officially entered the service robot and medical and health industries.

According to the Great Wall Securities Research Report, the total number of disabled people in my country in the national sample survey reached 85.02 million, of which 24.72 million were physically disabled, accounting for 29%, ranking first. Assuming that 5% of the patients use rehabilitation robots, each domestic price is calculated at 100,000, and the market space has reached 123.6 billion. However, before the huge market, there are no mature domestic rehabilitation robot products yet. The company has cooperated with Dongda to carry out product research and development, and has taken the lead in the market, laying the foundation for the subsequent expansion and occupation of the blue ocean market of rehabilitation robots.

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