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Introduction to the functions and characteristics of industrial tablet computers, come and collect them!

Introduction to the functions and characteristics of industrial tablet computers, come and collect them!

With the performance of commercial computers getting better and better, many Industrial sites began to adopt commercial computers with lower cost, and the market of commercial computers has also undergone tremendous changes. People began to prefer more user-friendly touch tablet computers. Therefore, in the industrial field, tablets with touch functions will be the future trend. Industrial tablet computers are also a type of industrial computers. Compared with ordinary industrial computers, what advantages does industrial tablet computers have? Let’s take a brief look at it together.

1. Most of the front panels of industrial tablet computers are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level, which is strong, durable and light in weight. 2. The industrial touch screen is small in size, easy to install and maintain. 3. Beautiful appearance and wide application.

What are the functional characteristics of the industrial tablet computer? Let’s take a brief look at it together.

Different from general commercial computers, industrial tablet computers have the characteristics of firmness, shockproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, high-temperature resistance, multiple sockets, and easy expansion. According to the characteristics of the environment. It is a platform for various other applications in industrial control, traffic control, environmental control and automation.

Industrial tablet computers are mostly used in industry, and often need to be operated in special environments or powered on continuously for a long time. For example, the automation equipment of the production line, the data switch of the telecommunications room, the monitoring equipment, the network security server of the enterprise, the navigation system, etc. It needs to run continuously and stably for a long time without interruption, otherwise it will cause huge losses, so the stability requirements of the computer system used are particularly strict.

Industrial tablet PCs are industrial control computers used in industry, and their basic performance and compatibility are almost the same as commercial computers. The industrial tablet PC pays more attention to the safety and stability in different environments. It provides a good solution for man-machine interface and production process control. Today, I will tell you about the wiring precautions for industrial tablet computer processing.

1. Appropriate measures should be taken to stop maintaining the wiring outside the vehicle, such as hoses, steel pipes, etc. And the wiring should be in the middle of the machine tool, so it is not easy to be damaged.

2. The connection between machine tools outside the machine or the power cable must be placed in the bridge frame, and the bridge frame should be blocked by the base, so as not to touch the air.

3. The piping outside the vehicle should be unified.

4. For the connection of heating equipment such as packaging machines, the wiring cannot be located near the middle of the heating part, and the wiring should stop in the junction box with a junction box. Heater wiring should use glass and clay pipe wires, and combustible wires should not be used.

5. The wire connection outside the panel of the industrial tablet computer should stop in the junction box, and there should be no joints in the middle of the wire.

6. The maintenance level of the junction box and the wire entrance outside the panel needs to be above IP55.

7. Two wires can be connected to the same terminal of the relay terminal, if there are more than three wires, please set other terminals.

8. When the wiring of the sensor stops at a place that is easy to bump, a hose should be used for maintenance, and the hose should be installed at the root of the sensor of the industrial tablet computer as much as possible.

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