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Kollmorgen AGV interview: “One-stop solution” will become the trend of the AGV industry

Industry 4.0In this era, customization and personalization have become an important trend in the Industrial manufacturing industry.robotThe flexibility, intelligence, reliability and other performances put forward strict requirements, and it also poses a greater challenge to AGVs that implement a single line in the traditional sense.

As a professional motion control system manufacturer, Kollmorgen AGV has 50 years of experience in the field of vehicle automation. The rich experience can not only help the majority of AGV companies to improve their products, but also integrate the experience gained over the years into tools, services, and system technologies. Recently, Kollmorgen AGV accepted an interview with OFweek, and gave an in-depth interpretation of Kollmorgen AGV’s product development trends and future market planning and strategy in the era of Industry 4.0.


“Professional technology” + “timely delivery” to meet the customized needs of the industry

According to OFweek, many manufacturers of AGV Robots on the market have their own scheduling and control systems. However, some companies choose to cooperate with professional motion control system manufacturers, so as to focus more on other aspects such as car body design. This has also led to the fact that customized needs based on customer individuation have become the mainstream in the current AGV market application.

Tobias Byfeldt, general manager of Kollmorgen AGV, told OFweek that Kollmorgen AGV has a business model based on “partnership”. The company has long gained the trust of its customers and partners by providing a variety of systems and components. Under this business model, Kollmorgen AGV is committed to building the core functions of AGV, and partners can also find a system that meets the specification requirements according to the needs of their end users, and customize their own solutions.

In the field of AGV products, Kollmorgen AGV also has its own unique advantages compared with similar products on the market. According to Tobias Byfeldt, the core advantage of Kollmorgen’s AGV product portfolio lies in its “breadth”, which can be understood from the two directions of “professional technology” and “timely delivery”. “Kolmorgen AGV’s systems and tools and services can help partners design solutions for almost any application; we have invested a lot of effort and energy in testing the software to ensure its strong capabilities; Kollmorgen AGV can also Provide our partners and users with unique products and solutions in the market in a timely manner. This has also won us a good reputation and trust in the market, so we know that when our partners quote for a system, they can Rest assured, because Kollmorgen AGV tools and systems have all the required features and can be successfully installed in the end,” says Tobias Byfeldt, “So, the breadth of Kollmorgen’s AGV portfolio benefits from reliability and timely special needs These two aspects have well met the needs of customers.”

Kollmorgen AGV interview: “One-stop solution” will become the trend of the AGV industry

“One-stop solution” will become the general trend of AGV industry

Looking at the current AGV industry, the development has been relatively mature, but each product also has its own characteristics in terms of technology, stability, reliability, security, and intelligence. In Tobias Byfeldt’s view, there is a huge demand for AGV systems in any type of vertical field in the world, but there is a lack of professionals who can install all systems worldwide. This happens to be very important for Kollmorgen AGV and is one of the company’s future strategic priorities.

In other words, Kollmorgen AGVs have been working on designing a system that the end user can trust for the long run over the past few years and into the years to come. Tobias Byfeldt said: “We want to make the system of the product more accessible to users, to simplify the speed of design and debugging, and to open up our system so that it is easy to achieve interoperability. Through this, what we see will always be Any market trend provides help in identifying opportunities.”

In Tobias Byfeldt’s view, many different types of technologies have emerged in the past ten years, such as mobile robots, Robotic systems, AMRs, AGVs, and there will inevitably be a carrier form that can mix everything in the future. He called it For “one-stop solution”.

What is a “one-stop solution”? It is a system designed based on the needs of the end user, which is perfectly tailored for the end user and made cost-effective. In this system, Kollmorgen AGV mixes industrial AMR, AGV and lift truck AGV, etc., so that end users have the right type of vehicle for their needs, the right type of solution and the performance and performance of the vehicle in the application. Behavior program. More importantly, this type of solution will focus on green energy and other industries, especially under the trend of “machine substitution” in the future, the direction of fully automatic production lines will inevitably bring more investment to the transformation of the AGV industry .

Taking root in the Chinese market, smart manufacturing has created huge opportunities

It can be seen that six of the ten largest forklift manufacturers in the world have chosen the NDC technology platform of Kollmorgen AGV. In addition, more and more partners from Europe, North America and Asia, especially China, are actively joining Kollmorgen Morgan AGV’s partner network, which also proves the feasibility of its “partnership”-based business model.

It is worth noting that smart manufacturing has always been one of the important directions for the development and transformation of China’s industrial production, especially the AGV industry, which has also created huge market opportunities. Kollmorgen AGV Global Sales and Marketing Director Johan Lundblad told OFweek that Kollmorgen AGV has many powerful partners, such as Kunming Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Jike, Hangcha, Heli, Nuoli, Today International, Jiateng, Ou Kai, etc., they are helping Kollmorgen AGV to provide services to customers in many different industries throughout China.

Kollmorgen AGV interview: “One-stop solution” will become the trend of the AGV industry

Looking specifically at the planning and layout of the domestic market, since entering the Chinese market, Kollmorgen AGV has been investing heavily in its subsidiaries in China and implementing regional-based localized services. With branch offices. With Beijing as the center, it radiates to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Northeast and Northwest regions; with Shanghai as the center, it radiates to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other East China regions; with Dongguan as the center, it radiates to South China. In order to better serve the Chinese market and Chinese customers.

However, what is more important in the layout of the Chinese market is how to face the intricate environment and overcome the “acclimatization” problem, so as to achieve localization of products and R&D. “For example, in terms of technology research and development, we are currently developing technology for really large AGV fleets, very large systems, many vehicles in the same system, and open APIs so that users can use our technology with other companies. In addition, we are also developing obstacle avoidance technology. Of course, these are just a few examples of the real needs of our partners and end customers in the Chinese market.” Johan Lundblad said that the partners in China are also contributing to the technology Kollmorgen AGV has provided great support, allowing Kollmorgen AGV to understand more and more deeply the needs of Chinese end users, and develop a product portfolio that is more suitable for Chinese end users.

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