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Laancai.com launches intelligent financial “robot” in the P2P world

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, Lancai.com held its first investor meeting in Shenzhen. Tao Weijie, founder and CEO of Laancai.com, introduced that, unlike other P2P platforms, based on the “lazy-style” intelligent financial management concept, Laancai.com continuously adds the concept of intelligence to its products through technology – interest payment per second, 7*24 hours to transfer out to account at any time, and automatically allocate more than 30 assets for each investment.The core principle of achieving this effect is that Laancai.com uses technological means to allow each user to have their own exclusive financial management.robot. On the other hand, the robot will also record user behavior, establish a liquidity model for it, and allocate the most suitable assets to achieve personalized asset allocation.

As for the “lazy regular” that has been launched soon, co-founder CPO Mo Xiaoxi introduced that users can customize the financial management period and asset type according to their own use scenarios of funds. Before investing, there will be a test of the user’s investment style as the basis for the intelligent configuration of the system. Moreover, the income of lazy period is not fixed, but is calculated by the system through intelligent algorithm after inputting the investment period. In addition, users can also adjust the income by changing the asset type and proportion according to actual needs.

It is understood that after three years of development, Lancai.com has nearly 2 million registered users, and the cumulative transaction capital scale has reached 27 billion. In addition, Huarui Bank’s fund depository system was launched at the end of last year, consciously developing towards compliance.

Tao Weijie said that in the future, investor activities will be carried out in more cities such as Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, so that more investors can more directly and transparently understand the operation and business planning of Lancai.com.

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