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Mind control of human-machine symbiotic life is not superstition but technology

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: It is the dream of most people to transmit human thoughts. People can choose to upload their memories and thoughts to the cloud. Amnesia patients can use this to keep the memories that are about to be lost, and they can also share the memories with their family members. It is like a computer. The refrigerator that is never powered on helps patients keep their memories fresh; even mathematicians can upload their thinking results to the Think Bank and apply for patents. When the human brain’s thinking and memory can be copied and pasted, it is like today’s online heritage such as QQ and WeChat. For family members, the spiritual heritage of the deceased may become a symbol as important as tombstones and ashes.

Implant semi-organic electronic devices in the human cerebral cortex, realize symbiosis with AI artificial intelligence, and create their own brain thinking backup. These seem to only exist in the sci-fi movie “The Matrix” and the novel “Culture” scenes, in reality is slowly being realized. On Tuesday, according to foreign media reports, Tesla founder Elon Musk registered a new company in California called NeurallInk is committed to the development of “human-machine symbiotic life body” technology that implants brain chips into the human body, which is called the development of “neural lace” technology internally by the company.

Mind control of human-machine symbiotic life is not superstition but technology

The technology is exactly what Musk was inspired by science fiction, but he didn’t mean to “resurrect” the body from the brain backup. At the same time, the technology is basically similar to the main uses of many previous technology companies and chip companies. The chip is implanted into the cerebral cortex for the treatment of epilepsy, depression and other medical treatments. At present, the shape and function of the human brain chip have not been known. When Musk confirmed the matter to the outside world, he promised to announce more details in the future. He said that he did this to prevent the risks brought by artificial intelligence.

Previously, Home Grid has also published several analysis articles on “artificial intelligence brings panic to human beings”, as well as the imagination of human beings becoming artificial intelligence.Some readers left a message at the end of the article saying that the future human beings will gradually evolve intorobot. In Musk’s view, implanting artificial intelligence into the human brain so that the human brain and the chip can work together can not only better exploit the potential of the human brain, but also prevent the uncontrollability of artificial intelligence. He said that the best outcome between humans and machines is that humans become AI, the so-called “human-machine integration, invincible in the world.”

It is understood that after SpaceX and Tesla, the new company NeurallInk mainly focuses on the implantation of computer chips in the human brain for technology development. As for the shape and function of the chip, it is not known for the time being. The purpose of implanting the human brain chip is to realize the symbiosis between human and artificial intelligence, or to realize the symbiosis with the computer. symbiosis. In Musk’s view, implanting a chip in the cerebral cortex is the only way. The cerebral cortex is the highest central nerve that regulates body movement or controls body movement, while the human cerebral cortex has about 14 billion nerve cells and an area of ​​about 2,200 square centimeters.

If this human-machine symbiosis technology is successfully developed, the connection between humans and electronic devices will become rich in science fiction elements, and the scenes people see in science fiction movies can also be realized in reality. But implanting chips in the human body will make humans have explosive potential, and the outside world will inevitably worry about it. If these potentials become destructive, then it will not be the evil AI artificial intelligence that will replace human beings, but the human-machine symbiosis. However, in addition to the uncertainty of the research and development cycle, the current problem is that the bandwidth is too narrow. Musk is very confident that if the bandwidth problem is solved, the human-machine symbiosis will come. Previously, the human brain chip technology used wired transmission. For humans, it is not suitable to make holes in the skull. However, the current technology has developed into wireless transmission, which requires strong bandwidth as support to enable people with chips in their brains. No matter where you are, you can transmit signals to distant data centers through wireless networks.

At this stage, most of the computer network communication is completed through TCP or UDP protocol, which is the standard of modern computer communication. Any “vehicle” that needs to travel on the internet needs to abide by the protocol, so the bandwidth speed does not increase, and man-machine cooperation One is difficult to achieve. Even if the brainwave technology is mature, it still has to wait for the bandwidth to come first.

At present, British scientists are also developing a human brain chip. The electrodes on the chip will always be ready to receive nerve impulse signals, analyze brain nerve movements through data processing technology, decipher people’s thinking, and transmit information to prosthetics through wireless transmitters. Control the body. Therefore, “mind control” is realized through science and technology, which is called “brain-computer interface”. According to Wikipedia, a brain-computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a “brain port” or “brain-computer fusion perception”, is a direct connection between a human or animal brain (or a culture of brain cells) and an external device. connection path.

As early as ten years ago, scientists developed the interface between the human brain and the machine, and this time, three scientists from Musk’s new company will develop a new brain port in the cerebral cortex based on the early brain-computer interface technology. . Earlier brain-computer interfaces can read brain thoughts and operate on computer screens. By implanting electrodes in the primary motor cortex of the brain, the forehead system can convert people’s thinking and thoughts into movement patterns. When the human brain sends out movement signals , thinking will replace the computer cursor for movement instructions.

Strictly speaking, the current human is already half computer human or half computer human.mechanicalpeople. What Musk wants to do is to equate the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. In addition to the human brain chip, the human body chip has been used in medical applications, that is, “mind control”. The human body chip is transmitted through sensors and electric current, and another chip implanted in the palm uses the common near field communication technology ( NFC) for shopping in shopping malls, swiping access cards, etc. However, at this stage, human privacy is already an “unspoken secret”, and how chip technology protects user information security is an accompanying topic of technological development.

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