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my country’s artificial intelligence technology is at the forefront of the world

AsiaIndustrial NetworkNews: In recent years, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, intelligence has becomedigital informationWith the development trend of the industry, more and more smart products are emerging in the field of life. From the perspective of industry development, breakthroughs in core technologies have put my country at the forefront of the world in the field of artificial intelligence. It is foreseeable that with the advancement of technology and the strengthening of policy support, my country’s electronic information industry will usher in an era of “smart” manufacturing – “intelligence is becoming an important development trend of the electronic information industry, and provides New development impetus.” At the Fifth China Electronic Information Expo, which opened on April 9,industryLiu Lihua, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information and Information Technology, said that around the key links and key areas of the intelligent information industry, we will increase the research and development and industrialization of computers, biometric identification, and new human-computer interaction, and support smart chips, smart sensors, and smart operations. System and other software and hardware development, accelerate the development of key network equipment, network security equipment and other basic products, optimize the allocation of innovative resources, create a collaborative innovation mechanism for the entire industry chain, and enhance the development capabilities of information technology and industries.

my country’s artificial intelligence technology is at the forefront of the world

Smart products continue to emerge

Can order food and order, serve tea and water for food deliveryrobot, VR glasses with three-dimensional images and rich information, internet video conferencing system with highly accurate speech recognition rate… Various electronic “intelligent manufacturing” products gathered at the Electronic Information Expo.currentexhibitionMore than 5,000 new products and technologies were released on the spot, and the innovative achievements of the electronic information industry such as artificial intelligence, high-end chips, intelligent manufacturing, virtual reality and augmented reality, and smart home were showcased.

“Technical product innovation with intelligence as the core has made breakthroughs in many fields. Technologies such as neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, swarm intelligence, and human-computer hybrid intelligence have developed rapidly. Artificial intelligence programs have been used in Go, chess, etc. Winning top human players in intellectual games, smart products have been applied in urban management, energy utilization, ecological improvement, medical care, transportation, food safety traceability and other fields.” Liu Lihua said.

Not only that, the intelligence of electronic information products is also accelerating service innovation and business model transformation, fostering vigorous demand for intelligent applications, and opening up a new direction for the development of the electronic information industry. In the field of residential consumption, products such as smart phones and smart TVs have become mainstream in the market, and new products such as smart routers, smart air purifiers, smart cameras, and service Robots are gradually becoming mature and popular. In the field of industrial applications, the promotion of intelligent manufacturing will provide rich application scenarios and innovative demands for intelligent information products.

Developed countries are laying out the field of intelligence one after another. The United States has issued three reports successively and launched the “National Robotics Program”; Germany has issued “Digitalization Strategy 2025”, which establishes a series of digital systems such as smart factories, smart transportation, smart cities and smart homes based on information technology; Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Publish a “blueprint for a new industrial structure” that leverages new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics to boost economic growth. Multinational leading companies are also making efforts in the field of intelligence, and will implement investment financing and strategic mergers and acquisitions as important means to accelerate technological innovation and ecological construction. The scale of investment and financing in the field of artificial intelligence has grown explosively. In 2016, the amount of financing in the global artificial intelligence field increased by more than 60% compared with 2015.

Breakthroughs in core technologies

In 2016, the revenue of my country’s electronic information manufacturing industry reached 12.2 trillion yuan, and the output of major electronic information products such as mobile phones, microcomputers, network communication equipment, and color TVs continued to rank first in the world. Subdivided fields such as computer vision and speech recognition are at the international leading level, and a number of enterprises and research institutions with competitive strength have emerged. Electronic “smart” manufacturing has a good foundation for development.

Not long ago, MIT Technology Review announced the world’s top ten breakthrough technologies in 2017, and popular technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, including deep learning, facial recognition payment, and autonomous driving, were all selected. The main researchers of these technologies include iFLYTEK (002230, stock bar), Alibaba, Baidu and many other Chinese companies, which shows that my country is already at the forefront of the world in artificial intelligence technology research. “Currently, my country’s scientific researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence are already at the forefront of the global trend. A number of Chinese technology companies have demonstrated good performance in artificial intelligence and made innovations in key technologies such as core algorithms.” Liu Lihua Say.

On the main forum of the Electronic Information Expo, Liu Qingfeng, chairman of HKUST Xunfei, played a video – former US President Barack Obama thanked HKUST Xunfei for letting him learn Chinese. But in fact, this video is a realistic imitation completed by iFLYTEK’s artificial intelligence speech synthesis system. Liu Qingfeng believes that in the future, all the devices that people see will be able to listen, speak, understand and think. Artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as water and electricity, and society will officially enter the era of “artificial intelligence +” from “Internet +”. If 2016 is the first year of artificial intelligence development, 2017 will be the year of artificial intelligence.

my country’s rich Internet applications have laid a good foundation for an intelligent society. “People in China (603883, stock bar) buy roasted sweet potatoes with their mobile phones, and people in the United States still pay their utility bills with checks. You can imagine how confident the Chinese people are in the Internet infrastructure.” said Wang Jian, chairman of Alibaba’s technical committee.

Liu Lihua said that at present, the industrial transformation of artificial intelligence has just started, and my country has initially formed a complete layout from technology to industry to application in the field of artificial intelligence such as smart city education and automotive intelligent customer service. Policy documents such as “Made in China 2025” and “Internet +” all list intelligent technology and intelligent products as development priorities, and support for the development of the electronic information industry led by intelligence will continue to increase.

Intelligent manufacturing lays a solid foundation “There are still weak links in the development foundation of my country’s electronic information industry, especially the insufficient accumulation of core key technologies such as chips, basic software, sensors, and intelligent control, and it is still unable to form matching support for emerging growth points.” Liu Lihua said frankly.

The development of electronic “smart” manufacturing must lay a solid foundation for development. Taking flat-panel Display technology as an example, Ouyang Zhongcan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that my country has made many breakthroughs in new Display technologies. Technologies such as ultra-large size, ultra-high resolution, and narrow bezel have reached the international advanced level and won many international design awards. , Alleviating the passive situation of “lack of cores and screens” in my country’s electronic information industry.

At the Visionox booth, display screens of various sizes and shapes were exhibited, which were applied to smart terminals such as smart phones and smart watches. According to Gao Yudi, general manager of Kunshan Visionox Technology Co., Ltd., Visionox’s latest display products are ultra-thin to only 0.2 mm, reducing the weight of existing 1.2-inch circular screen products by 60%. The company has also developed a flexible AMOLED display that can be fully rolled and folded, representing the international flexible display standard.

Wu Shengwu, deputy director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that in 2016, the sales revenue of my country’s new display industry reached 201.3 billion yuan, and the global market share reached 27%. The technical level of the industry has also been continuously improved. From 2011 to 2016, the average annual number of patent applications in the entire industry in my country reached 9,000, and the cumulative number of patent applications exceeded 56,000.

Liu Lihua said that he will increase the research and development and industrialization of computer audio-visual, biometric recognition, complex environment recognition, new human-computer interaction, natural language understanding, machine translation, intelligent decision-making control and other technologies, and support smart chips, smart sensors, Development of software and hardware products such as intelligent operating system and intelligent control system.

“To be guided by intelligent consumer demand, focus on promoting the integration of software and hardware, manufacturing and service, and network and product integration, and vigorously develop smart wearable devices, smart cars, smart unmanned systems, smart service robots, and smart home products. Consumer products and intelligent industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing solutions and other industrial intelligent products, strengthen the supporting development of all links in the industrial chain, and establish a sound intelligent information industry system.”

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