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[Observation]The “Sky Revolution” Triggered by Drones

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: UAVs are known as the “clairvoyance” and “sunwind ears” of the military. In recent years, with the advantages of small size, low cost, and convenient use, the scope of UAV activities is no longer limited to the military. In traditional aerial photography, logistics and transportation,industryIn addition to exploration, agricultural management and other fields, drones have gradually been given more and more new roles.

As early as last July, the British drone “police” showed its skills in the search for the zoo’s “jailbreak” lynx. According to the “Daily Mail”, the Devon-Cornwall Police Service in the United Kingdom will launch a drone team “Quick SWAT” on 24-hour duty in the summer of 2017. It can be seen in tasks such as hunting down suspects, finding missing persons, taking pictures of crime scenes, and monitoring anti-social behavior.

Can’t find what you want when shopping in the supermarket? Drone “buyer” may solve your troubles. According to “Fortune” magazine, in response to the rapidly developing drone delivery system, a large department store in the United States has begun to deploy drones in its stores to improve the shopping experience of customers. According to the content of the patent submitted, the company hopes to deploy drones in its stores to collect pre-ordered goods for customers in advance, and when customers arrive at the door of the store, they can load the goods into shopping carts and leave immediately. If you order a cup of coffee in the coffee shop inside the supermarket, the drone will deliver it for you immediately.

With drones, office workers no longer have to worry about pets in their homes “destroying”. It is reported that a business machine company in the United States recently plans to use drones as “nanny” and “trainer” for pets. The drone is equipped with a microphone to detect pet crying or barking, a temperature sensor to detect whether a pet has a fever, and a camera to track the pet’s movement range to determine whether the pet has entered a restricted area. During play with the pet, the drone will even give a “verbal praise” or drop a small piece of food to encourage the pet. When the drone sees that the pet needs to go to the bathroom, it “collaborates” with other smart home devices to let it out.

With the expansion of application fields, the intelligent control ability of UAVs is still improving. It is reported that the Russian military will receive a batch of virtual reality helmets in the near future, and drone pilots can quickly obtain intelligence through drones by simply turning their heads and staring at the target. A Norwegian laboratory demonstrated the mind-controlled drone they are developing at this year’s Norwegian Science and Technology Exhibition. With the blink of an eye, the drone can convert the controller’s brain waves into signals to fly.

In recent years, the world drone industry has developed vigorously, and the recognition and demand for drones by ordinary people are also gradually rising. The increasingly powerful capabilities of drones are set to trigger a worldwide “sky industrial revolution”.

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