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“Open your mouth with food” is no longer a dream, this feeding robot can help you realize your dream

For people with disabilities or critically ill patients, eating is a big problem. Not everyone has the sound body and strength to put food in their mouths.robotThere is market demand. According to the foreign media “New Map” technology website, the American “design” robot company recently launched an intelligent feeding robot called Obi.it has a spoon installedmechanicalThe arm can let people “open their mouths with rice” and enjoy the food conveniently.

“Open your mouth with food” is no longer a dream, this feeding robot can help you realize your dreamObi is the company’s first product designed for consumers, and its target audience is primarily people with physical disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease or cerebrospinal injury Wait.

Its body is pure white, it looks like a modern kitchen, and the usage is not complicated. First, the nurses need to cut vegetables and meat into four circular grids on the robot chassis, and then the patient controls the Robotic arm to eat through two buttons on the robot. One button operates the Robotic arm to move between the grids, and the other button is used to select food, lower the spoon to scoop the food, and deliver the food to the mouth.

Obi’s interface design not only facilitates patient access to these buttons, but also provides custom functionality. Nursing staff can define Obi’s functions to make it more humane based on the patient’s specific needs and physical abilities.After the buddy button on the chassis is pressed, those
People who can still use their hands but can’t hold their spoons can also use Obi to eat. The spoon itself swivels so food along the edge of the plate can be scooped.

The reason why Obi is an intelligent robot is that it has a “teaching mode” inside, through which the user can position the robotic arm to a specified height. After the first “teaching”, Obi will note this position, and when it is used again, it will automatically lift to this height. If the user changes, the caregiver needs to re-educate and set the height.

Obi can work continuously for 2 to 4 hours after being fully charged. During use, if an object suddenly blocks its movement path, it will stop in time. Since Obi’s plates and spoons are BPA-free, they are dishwasher safe and can be used in both the microwave and refrigerator.

This product is currently on sale to the general public, and some of the functional hardware is also available as an option. The activity of “helping the elderly and the disabled” is carried out every year. In the future, intelligent feeding Robots like Obi will bring more convenience to patients with physical disabilities.

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