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Pilz: Application of configurable safety control system in filling industry

With the advancement of the Industrial level and the improvement of people’s safety awareness, the safe operation of equipment in the workshop has been paid more and more attention. As a professional supplier of security automation solutions, Pilz’s security products are widely used in various industries. The configurable safety control system PNOZmulti is popular among users for its reliable performance and application flexibility.

Is it good or not?used to know

With the increasing refinement of the product manufacturing process, the number of steps in the production process increases, and the number of stations in the production process also increases. More and more safety sensors are needed on site, such as safety gratings, safety door locks, etc. Using the basic module PNOZ m B1 in the PNOZmulti2 series, together with the expansion module PNOZ m EF LINK module, can make the wiring work on site orderly and standardized, and effectively reduce the workload of wiring.

PNOZ m B1 has an Ethernet interface and is expandable. Compared with the basic module PNOZ m B0 of the previous generation, PNOZ m B1 uses a memory stick as a storage carrier, which has a larger memory and a more convenient USB interface. The PNOZ m EF LINK module is used as a distributed distributor with a waterproof protection level of IP67 to connect the signals of the field safety sensors to the control system.

Pilz: Application of configurable safety control system in filling industry

The practical application of PNOZmulti in the filling industry

Different industries have different choices of security modules due to different product processes. Taking the filling industry as an example, the current mainstream rotary filling machine in the market is divided into two main bodies in terms of space design, namely: the main body of the filling machine and the valve island part of the valve station.

Pilz: Application of configurable safety control system in filling industry

According to the usage habits of this kind of equipment, several safety doors are usually opened around the machine, and the LINK module is used as a relay to connect the signals of safety equipment such as the magnetic door lock of each safety door and the emergency stop button corresponding to the safety door to the LINK through the finished line. module, and then the LINK module transmits the signal to the safety controller in the electric cabinet. This circuit design simplifies the physical wiring to The high level minimizes the wiring workload during on-site construction and facilitates troubleshooting for engineers during commissioning. The status indicators on the LINK module body clearly indicate the device status of each port, covering almost all the status of the field devices, which is really convenient for the on-site commissioning engineers.

The safety controller PNOZ m B1 installed in the electric cabinet will make corresponding output according to the internal program logic after receiving the signal from the field distributed LINK module. PNOZ m B1 can program and manage the security devices in each area more accurately and concisely, making the logic clearer and more flexible. Moreover, PNOZ m B1 also has the function of status indication. Users only need to browse the information displayed on the LCD screen through the dial on the product body during use.

Pilz: Application of configurable safety control system in filling industry

The overall connection diagram of PNOZ m EF Multi LINK and PNOZ small controller

Using the combination of PNOZ m B1 and Link module, the application is very flexible, and the amount of wiring on site is small, saving the space of the electric cabinet. For the site with a large number of safety devices such as magnetic door locks and emergency stop switches, which need to be managed in different areas For machines, it is a very good choice.

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