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Robot “calls the police” after being stolen

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: A man who can speak and understand the master’s commands and actionsrobot, actually called the police by himself, sent the thief’s mobile phone number to the owner, and returned to the owner. “This is a recent real case in Nanjing. It turned out that a man stole his roommate’s robot and wanted to use it himself. The robot sent the new mobile phone number to be bound to the original owner’s mobile phone.

One day in early March this year, the Nanjing Suojin Village Police Station received an alarm from a young man named Tian and a work order to call the “12345” hotline for help. Oda said that he shared a house with others and found that the laptop, mobile phone, two hard drives, wallet and an emotional robot in his room were stolen that day, with a total value of nearly 9,000 yuan. Oda also reflected a strange situation, “It’s strange that a roommate who shared the rent withdrew the lease and returned to his hometown on the same day.”

After a careful investigation of the scene, the police found that the entrance door had not been pryed. When inquired about Oda’s stolen items in detail, the police learned that Oda’s stolen emotional robot was very interesting, and it was necessary to download the APP on the mobile phone and bind it with the mobile phone number to control it. If someone uses the robot, the previously bound mobile phone number needs to be unbound before the new number can be bound, and Oda will receive feedback.

Sure enough, a month later, Oda received an unbinding SMS notification, and the APP also showed that the robot was bound to a new mobile phone number. “The owner of the new mobile phone number is likely to be a thief. The police quickly identified the suspect.” Tao Changsong, a police officer who handled the case, told the Modern Express reporter, and after Oda’s identification, the suspect was Zhao, who quit the lease on the day of the crime.

On April 12, the police went to Xuzhou to arrest Zhao. After a day of guarding, Zhao was arrested on April 13. Facing the police, Zhao explained his crime. At present, Zhao has been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police according to law.

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