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Robots, a battle for the future

A contest for the future emerges.
On August 17, the German media announced that the German Ministry of Economic Affairs will approve the acquisition of China Midea Group.industryrobotBig factory Kuka Group (Kuka). The German government had tried to reach an agreement that would limit Midea’s stake in Kuka to no more than 49%. But then KUKA’s main German shareholder decided to sell its shares, thwarting the German government’s plans.
Robotics is a representative industry in Germany. Today, it is attracting more and more Chinese companies.
The origin of Midea’s use of Robots began in 2003, when Midea introduced a microwave oven production line from Japan’s Sanyo Group. Robots were introduced as a standard configuration of the production line, which solved the problem of quality stability in the production of microwave oven magnetrons. In addition to the large-scale use of production robots, intelligent home appliances are becoming a new “variant” of robots. In the recent release of Midea’s air-conditioning smart air ecosystem, the company revealed that it has opened up cloud platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Xiaomi Cloud, JD Cloud, LeTV Cloud, and Huawei, which are currently mainstream in the market. Non-smart products.
The first application case of artificial intelligence technology in the home appliance industry was born in Changhong. Recently, Changhong launched the world’s first artificial intelligence TV. This TV has three core capabilities of self-adaptive, self-learning, and self-upgrading artificial intelligence, and can realize natural voice interaction within a range of 30 meters. When the user gives instructions to the TV, based on the neural network learning algorithm, the TV can make business logic judgments. After long-term deep learning, the TV can automatically learn and upgrade.
In China’s most competitive field of home appliances, the boundaries between service robots and home appliances will become increasingly blurred.
In fact, not only in the manufacturing industry, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and deep learning are rapidly landing in many fields such as the internet, industry, and agriculture. Maybe it won’t be long before our criteria for evaluating a product will be “understanding” and “execution”, not just appearance and quality.

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