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Siemens SI EA Smart Electric Cloud Showroom is online!

In order to achieve “cloud shopping exhibition” without leaving home

by Siemens Smart Infrastructure Group

Electrical and automation Division

Well-built Siemens Smart Electric Digital Cloud Showroom

Officially online!

Siemens SI EA Smart Electric Cloud Showroom is online!

The cloud exhibition hall is divided into five sections according to products:

Air-insulated switchgear, gas-insulated switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, NXpower one-stop intelligent power distribution solution, medium-voltage components

In the virtual showroom, click on the section title

You can go directly to the specific product hot area you want to know,

Comprehensive product information, vivid product Display,

Detailed product samples can be mastered!

1. Air-insulated switchgear

In the air-insulated switchgear area, you can see the NXAirS series, which is specially designed according to GB & IEC standards. The equipment is highly flexible and can meet different customer requirements, supporting a variety of typical applications, rated parameters, system configurations and intelligent solutions. It is versatile and supports digital transformation.

2. Gas insulated switchgear

Gas-insulated switchgear has the characteristics of safety, high reliability and maintenance-free, and it performs well in various applications. Suitable for a variety of power distribution systems from utilities to industry and infrastructure, such as data centers, public transportation, oil and gas, and chemical industries. It is also an ideal choice for special applications such as offshore, high altitude, and underground.

3. Low-voltage switchgear

In the low-voltage switchgear area, you can see the SIVACON S8, which is ready to face the challenges from digitalization and the future. Its many features and modular design realize the high reliability, high safety and high flexibility of the switchgear, It can realize data interconnection with high-level automation systems, energy management systems and open cloud platform systems.

4. NXpower one-stop intelligent power distribution solution

NXpower one-stop intelligent power distribution management platform can easily solve the problem with Siemens intelligent acquisition equipment, IoT gateway and other equipment. It can automatically collect the operating status of all medium and low voltage switchgear. Customers can monitor all equipment in real time as long as they use a computer or mobile app. The asset health status, energy consumption status, etc., are supported to support customers to transform from planned maintenance to predictive maintenance, from extensive management to refined management, and from high energy consumption to low carbon.

5. Medium voltage components

The medium voltage component area presents the 3AE-SION vacuum circuit breaker from Siemens – with Siemens vacuum interrupter as the core technology, more than 40 years of experience in the research and development and production of vacuum interrupters, to achieve strong breaking capacity and tightness Good performance, low cut-off value, high dielectric strength. 3AE-SION vacuum circuit breakers can perform all standard switching tasks in medium-voltage distribution systems and are suitable for installation in all air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear cabinets. Compact structure, easy installation and long service life.

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