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State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company’s UAV Inspection of Transmission Lines: “Robots” Get Out in Minutes

robot“Get it done in minutes

——Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Inspection of Transmission Lines of State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company

“The current wind speed is 5 meters per second, and the weather is in good condition. You can start the drone remote centralized control autonomous inspection. Pay attention to flight safety!” “Received, start inspection!” On December 10, 2021, State Grid Tangshan Power Supply The company’s staff gave instructions at the centralized monitoring center located in the urban area of ​​Tangshan, and the drone flew out from the intelligent air station in the Caofeidian Industrial Zone, a hundred miles away, to perform the autonomous inspection of the transmission line. Control and autonomous inspection system officially scaled upapplication.

In 2021, the State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company will continue to consolidate the achievements of the special action of “100-day attacking difficulties” for digital empowerment based on the actual situation of the electric power industry, and build a digital team, and new technologies such as drones and Robots will be applied on a large scale at the grassroots level.

In the past, it took 3 to 4 hours for the transportation inspection staff to travel back and forth from the urban station to the Caofeidian Industrial Zone every day. Not only was a lot of time wasted on the road, but they also used traditional inspection methods, which took an average of 1 hour to inspect. 1 km.

Since last year, State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company has built the first “1+N” remote centralized control inspection system of State Grid that integrates functions such as one-cabin multi-control, grid layout, intelligent identification, and autonomous inspection and flight. The 426 base towers of the 37 lines in the Caofeidian Industrial Zone are all-round and long-distance independent inspections without dead ends, and the inspection time per unit length of lines is shortened by half. UAV remote centralized control autonomous inspection has no blind spot of viewing angle, and the accuracy has reached the pin level.

On the morning of November 25, 2021, near Zhengzhuangzi Village, Kaiping District, Tangshan City, an electric “Bumblebee” engineering vehicle loaded with an intelligent distribution network live working robot raised its long arm to operate a 10 kV insulated wire. The technicians on the ground used the tablet computer to remotely assist the control, and the operation was completed in just a few minutes, and the normal electricity consumption of nearly 10,000 residents nearby was not interrupted.

“The intelligent distribution network live working robot adds intelligent arms to the traditional insulated bucket truck, which is like a ‘scalpel’ of the distribution network, and can perform various ‘minimally invasive operations’ at any time.” State Grid Tangshan Power Supply Company Xing Dongyu, head of live operation technology for distribution network, introduced that today, scientific and technological forces have played a pivotal role in the operation and maintenance management of distribution network. Not only has the operation time been shortened to minutes, but it has also achieved “no perception” for users.

In addition, relying on powerful intelligent algorithms, intelligent distribution network live working robots can independently model and plan, learn and adapt independently, and automatically adjust to bypass obstacles. In more and more scenarios, the robot replaces the operator, which fundamentally prevents the operator from directly contacting the charged body, and adds a “safety lock” to the operator.

“RPA (Robot Process automation) simulates human computer operations without transforming the existing system, and can replace the repetitive and mechanical operations of the marketing profession.” December 20, 2021, State Grid Tangshan City, Caofeidian District Power Supply Company ” The RPA Small Classroom was officially launched, and Liu Mingyuan, a specialist from the Marketing Department, explained RPA-related knowledge in detail to more than 30 young backbones from various majors.

At present, with RPA application as the starting point, the automatic execution of daily repetitive work has been applied in 11 professional marketing businesses such as batch electric energy meter rotation, and the workload of related businesses has been greatly reduced. “Basic-level employees get away from tedious and repetitive operations, and put more energy into innovation and efficiency.” At present, State Grid Tangshan City Caofeidian District Power Supply Company has set up 4 special groups to explore the role of RPA in human re