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TE Connectivity’s FY2022 ESG Review

TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as “TE”) actively advocates harmonious and co-prosperous development with society and the environment, insists on fulfilling corporate responsibilities, and released the long-term global sustainable development and corporate responsibility strategy “One Connected World” in 2020. Under the guidance of the strategy, TE has fully integrated the core concepts and standards of ESG into the corporate governance and management structure in China, and helped customers in different fields to achieve technological innovation and sustainable development through professional products and solutions. At the same time, TE continues to cooperate with foundations, schools, communities and other stakeholders, focusing on supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and community building.

In fiscal year 2022, what small achievements has TE unlocked in the ESG field? Let’s hand in a homework~

01Sustainable development

TE continues to reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing operations and supply chain links by implementing technical energy-saving transformation, launching “energy-saving treasure hunt” projects, purchasing international renewable energy certificates, and cooperating with major suppliers. In addition, TE works closely with Chinese customers to jointly promote the green transformation of the industry and achieve sustainable economic development through unremitting innovation.

02 Future Engineer

TE has carried out diversified school-enterprise cooperation with many domestic universities and vocational technical schools, and supports “STEM” education through TE scholarship (teaching) funds, technical competitions, technical lectures, co-construction laboratories, student clubs and other interactive and collaborative methods and promote talent development.

Like TE, which focuses on artificial intelligence and the cultivation of next-generation engineering talents AI The Cup competition has been held for the fourth time, and the scale of the competition has expanded year after year. The latest one, which is currently in full swing, has attracted 26 universities and 40 student teams from around the world to participate. Let’s look forward to this year’s finals.

In addition, the manual welding skills competition jointly organized by TE and the School of electronic Information of Sichuan Modern Vocational College has also successfully “finished” recently. TE has cooperated with the School of Electronic Information of Sichuan Modern Vocational College for ten years. During this period, the connotation of cooperation has been continuously explored and deepened, and a comprehensive and in-depth collaborative education model has been formed. The manual welding skills competition held this time is also intended to stimulate the “artisan spirit” of modern students, and make a small contribution to promoting the high-quality development of schools and regional economies and serving “Made in China 2025”.

03Community construction

TE supports community building and strives to bring positive impacts to the communities where it operates. We have organized “community ambassador groups” across the country. According to the actual needs of the local community, employees decide the projects they want to support, and care for and give back to the community as volunteers. The report card is also quite gratifying.

  • more than 30 items

In fiscal year 2022, TE has carried out more than 30 community public welfare projects in China

  • More than 40 games

As of fiscal year 2022, TE has carried out more than 40 “Energy Saving Treasure Hunt” activities in China

  • 100%

In fiscal year 2022, 100% of the international renewable energy certificates purchased by TE will cover TE’s scope 2 carbon emissions in China

  • 10 consecutive years

TE China Regional Headquarters has been recognized by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Government as a “Corporate Social Responsibility Standard Enterprise” for 10 consecutive years

In the future, we will continue to work hard to create a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future with customers, employees, and partners under the promotion of the sustainable development strategy of “One Connected World”.

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