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The blue ocean of industrial robots – 3C manufacturing automation transformation has great potential

along withindustryWith the introduction of the 4.0 concept and the launch of the Made in China 2025 plan, China’s economy has entered a new normal of development. Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and quality and efficiency improvement have become new development strategies.robotIndustry and promoting the application of Robots have become an important way to realize the new strategy. After years of rapid development, China already has a relatively solid technical and Industrial foundation for the development and application of robots. Application-driven is the biggest advantage of China’s robot development. In addition, China has the largest manufacturing industry with the largest number of categories, which provides a broad application field for the application of robots and a sustainable development momentum for the development of the Robot Industry. According to statistics, in 2015, the sales volume of industrial robots in China reached 68,000 units, and China has maintained the world’s largest robot market for three consecutive years.

According to estimates by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the number of industrial robots used in China is expected to exceed 428,000 units by 2017. “Companies will be forced to invest more in robotics to improve productivity and product quality,” said Gudrun Litzenberger, IFR Secretary General in Frankfurt, Germany. The industry is developing in the automotive industry, but in the next 2-3 years, the electronics industry will be the driving force.”

The application of robots in the 3C field will become the second largest industry of Industrial Robot applications after automobiles

The automotive industry has always been the industry that uses the most industrial robots. Globally, the sales of industrial robots in the automotive industry account for about 45%, while the sales of industrial robots in the electrical and electronic industry account for only about 20%.60% of domestic industrial robots are also used in the automobile manufacturing industry. The density of robots in the automobile industry has reached 305 units/10,000 units, far higher than the domestic average of 36 units/10,000 units, and has reached the level of manufacturing in developed countries.automationlevel, and the room for improvement in the future is limited.

In addition to the automobile industry, China is also a major consumer of home appliances and consumer electronics, as well as a major producer. Changes in market competition have prompted innovations in the production efficiency of 3C home appliance manufacturers. Agile manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, and lean manufacturing have become the development direction of 3C home appliance manufacturers, and the characteristics of industrial robots are catering to this manufacturing trend: high speed, high flexibility, and high precision products that help 3C home appliance manufacturers respond more quickly to market changes Replacement, access to more efficient manufacturing capabilities and higher quality product quality control.

At present, the automation rate of my country’s 3C industry is still low, and there is still a huge demand for automation transformation. 3C products consist of a large number of components (for example, mobile phones include large components such as touch screens, Display panels, motherboard PCBs, batteries, mid-boards, and back covers, as well as other small components such as cameras and structural components), and they are basically non-standard. Standard products, small size, high absolute accuracy requirements. However, the related parts manufacturing technology and the whole machine assembly technology (such as mobile phone casing, glass, cover plate, etc.), the technology and equipment are quite mature, the processing content is highly repetitive, and the labor intensity is high, which is in line with the characteristics of automatic transformation.

The density of robots in the Chinese market is still far behind developed countries: in the Chinese manufacturing industry, there are only 30 robots per 10,000 workers, compared with 323 in Japan, 282 in Germany and 282 in the United States. 152 units. Based on the huge scale of practitioners in my country’s 3C manufacturing industry, if the density of robots in the industry is to reach the level of developed countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan, the automation transformation potential of the 3C manufacturing industry is huge.

l Japan FANUCmachineAccurate and reliable people, improve the production efficiency of 3C products

The electronics industry is an important innovative industry that needs the support of innovative forces. Whether it is electronic, there are computer chips, calculators, digital cameras, LCD displays, sensor technology, DVD players, MP5, fuel cells, etc., or IT-type mobile computer shells and buttons, panels, window lenses, etc., FANUC Robotics is committed to improving manufacturing processes and increasing production efficiency for manufacturers of IT electronics (computers, communications and consumer electronics).

The blue ocean of industrial robots – 3C manufacturing automation transformation has great potential

FANUC robots, which are known for their precision, high speed and high efficiency, can optimally operate and position precision components with high precision while ensuring the highest repeatability. At present, the FANUC robot family has been “stationed” in factories all over the world, and it is an indispensable “backbone” of production in assembly, spraying, workpiece handling, processing, inspection and testing. FANUC’s small robots, which are good at assembling small workpieces, can perform the most complex tasks in a small space, install computer hard disks, grind optical lenses or assemble fuel cells, and are the best choice for production and operation processes in the precision field.

FANUC medium-sized robots are equipped with force control technology, which can achieve high-quality grinding and polishing and deburring and flashing, which is an ideal choice for finishing parts. FANUC 3C industrial robots can achieve the desired surface treatment effect, further improve product quality, extend production line uptime, and at the same time have the flexibility necessary for short cycle and mass production. FANUC large-scale robots can be used as loading and unloading hands of injection molding machines (IMM) and die-casting machines, engaged in the production of 3C product shell and cover parts, and can also be used for flat panel Display (FPD) handling. The FANUC spraying robot has become the industry standard model for the cover spraying of a series of products such as notebook computers and mobile phones.

l ABB robots in Switzerland meet the needs and help the 3C industry to leapfrog wisdom

ABB robots in Switzerland have always been committed to helping 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics) manufacturers improve their manufacturing processes and increase production efficiency in various application fields. ABB 3C industrial robots can achieve the desired surface treatment effect, further improve product quality, increase the uptime of production lines, and combine the flexibility necessary for short cycle and high-volume production.

The blue ocean of industrial robots – 3C manufacturing automation transformation has great potential

Among them, ABB’s new-generation large-scale industrial robot IRB6700 can be used as a loading and unloading hand of injection molding machine (IMM) and die-casting machine, engaged in the production of 3C product shell and cover parts, and can also be used for flat panel display (FPD) handling. ABB’s IRB1200, IRB140 and IRB1600, these robots can be combined to complete most of the important processes including grinding, gluing, and assembly for the 3C electronics industry. Coupled with the technical advantages of ABB robots in motion control and high precision, they have been widely recognized by industries such as laptop computers and mobile phones. ABB’s new family of small robots and FlexPicker have been “stationed” in electronic product factories around the world, and are indispensable production “backbone” in assembly, small workpiece handling, inspection and testing, etc.

Per Vegard Nerseth, head of robotics business at ABB in Switzerland, said: “The automation process in China’s manufacturing industry is just getting started. We have seen rapid changes, almost in the past two to three years. It has exploded, even exceeding our expectations.”

l GermanyKUKA Robot manmachine collaboration,accomplish3C productsflexible manufacturing

In the era of Industry 4.0, the development of “smart factories” is on the rise. Today, automated, networked, variable production lines are in demand, which can respond quickly and flexibly to shorter product life cycles. 3C products have the characteristics of fast replacement, and there are major changes every 6 months to 1 year, which brings the need for equipment replacement. The question of how to directly consider the individual needs of customers in industrial mass production is also becoming more and more important.

The blue ocean of industrial robots – 3C manufacturing automation transformation has great potential

The KUKA LBR iiwa (Intelligent Industrial Robot Assistant) is the world’s first mass-produced sensitive industrial lightweight robot that can interact with humans without isolation. With its perfect design and excellent performance, it won the “Best Red Dot Award” at the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar” in the design industry. The KUKA LBR iiwa plays a central role in individualized series manufacturing. The lightweight robot with seven axes is very flexible and can optimally combine injection molding with additive manufacturing. Its low dead weight, combined with the ideal ratio of active radius and load, makes it ideal for extremely flexible production concepts. Equipped with sensitive sensors, the LBR iiwa is designed to work directly with its human “colleagues” and to safely handle sensitive products without any isolation. In this way, skilled workers can also transfer workpieces directly to the robot as needed, making production more flexible and more space-saving.

Kong Bing, CEO of KUKA Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. believes: “In the 3C manufacturing industry, robots can maximize sustainable productivity in environments such as high temperature, dust, corrosion, and humidity that may endanger human health. , and achieve continuous use.”

Wonderful interpretation of robot products and automation solutions, opening a new era of 3C manufacturing

Whether it is chips, mobile phones, smart devices, sensing technology, batteries, etc., or the shells, buttons, and panels of home appliances and tablet computers, robots can help manufacturers improve their manufacturing processes and improve production efficiency. At the annual electronics manufacturing event —2017 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition (productronica China)Hundreds of well-known companies at home and abroad in the field of EMA electronic manufacturing automation and industrial robots willMarch 14-16, 2017get togetherShanghai New International Expo Centre, presenting products and automation solutions that lead the innovation and development of global industrial robots in an all-round way. In conjunction with the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show held concurrently,ExhibitionThe total size will exceed67,000square meters, it is expected that there will be at home and abroad1,200many manufacturers and62,000industry professionals participated in the event.

For more exhibition information, please pay attention to the official website of the exhibition:www.producttronicachina.com.cnAnd the official WeChat: Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition!At present, the official website has opened the audience registration. If you pre-register the audience in advance, you can get the audience’s electronic badge before the exhibition, saving the time of queuing on site. For registration, please visitwww.producttronicachina.com.cn/zh-cn/visitor/register.html?ad_code=aTWOcarhsF

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