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The epidemic accelerates digital transformation, and the industrial Internet is on the fast lane

The executive meeting of the State Council held recently clearly pointed out that relying on the Industrial internet to promote the acceleration of online cloud for traditional industries. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also stated at the National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference that the “5G + Industrial Internet” 512 project will be implemented in 2020. Ranked as “new infrastructure” with 5G and artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet has become one of the infrastructures in the digital age.

In the past three years, the industrial Internet has been developed from concept to implementation. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has objectively brought physical space isolation, personnel traffic isolation, and the deployment of key materials in emergency situations, which is where it can play its advantages. “If the SARS epidemic in 2003 stimulated the development of consumer interconnection, the 2020 new crown pneumonia crisis will bring about the rise of industrial interconnection.” Xu Xiaolan, president of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said bluntly.

She said that as a product of the deep integration of the new generation of network information technology and the manufacturing industry, the Industrial Internet can effectively improve the allocation efficiency of key materials and increase the output of key materials by connecting all ends of the industrial system, quickly and accurately connecting the data information on the supply side and the demand side. . In contrast, my country’s existing management mode of production and allocation of key materials is still very extensive, it is difficult to get through real-time supply and demand information, and it is impossible to fully grasp the information of key materials nationwide.

Taking masks and protective clothing, which were most in short supply during the epidemic, as an example, due to the lack of detailed control of their daily production, sales and inventory, a large number of front-line medical units have experienced material shortages. On the other hand, areas with milder epidemics may be abundant and unreasonable distribution . “In the distribution of medical materials, if a unique identification is applied during the production and storage of materials through industrial Internet-related technologies such as identification analysis and blockchain, the location, quantity, and location of each package of masks and protective clothing can be known through the industrial Internet platform. Type and other information, track its logistics warehousing and distribution, and achieve global optimization of configuration.” Xu Xiaolan said.

In the fight against the epidemic, the Industrial Internet gave full play to the advantages of interconnection and optimized re