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The godfather of modern robots: robots will be relied on by humans within 5 years

The godfather of modern robots: robots will be relied on by humans within 5 years

Ishiguro Hiroshi was interviewed by reporters.Photo by Beijing Times reporter Pan Shanju

Yesterday, known as the “modernrobot“Godfather” Professor Ishiguro of Osaka University in Japan attended the 3rd China Robot Summit. As a robot expert who is fanatical about “making people”, Ishiguro said in an exclusive interview with reporters that in the process of researching humanoid Robots, he has a good understanding of people themselves. Learn more; within 5 years, robots will be like smartphones, as humans rely on and become friends with each other.

Why invent humanoid robots?

In order to better identify the human will

“Often the organizers of the conference invite me to attend, and I want to see my robot more.” At the beginning, Ishiguro said humorously that humanoid robots actually teach humans to better understand themselves, and I believe there will be a robot in the near future. Society can realize human-computer interaction.

The enthusiasm for humanoid robot research has always been the evaluation of Ishiguro from the outside world, and he himself agrees very much. Ishiguro tends to develop autonomous real robots. Over the years, he has successively invented Japanese celebrity cartoon story speakers, clothing Display robots, idol singer robots with both singing and shopping guide functions, and movie drama humanoid robots. It is worth mentioning that he developed a robot that looks exactly like himself in 2006, and was named the best invention of the year by the American “Time” magazine in the same year. Eye contact, emotional expression, and verbal communication are the characteristics of his invention of humanoid robots.

Ishiguro said that the human brain is very complex. Since the invention of a robot is to be used by humans, it should be a humanoid robot. Everything involved must be human-oriented and meet human requirements. Being able to interact with humans is the original intention of Ishiguro to develop humanoid robots. He said that if it cannot recognize a person’s emotions and will, the robot is a half-assed product. In order to better recognize the human will, we want to study this kind of humanoid robot. After such a robot is produced, we can continue to study how to make the robot closer to the human. “In the process of researching robots, I can better understand what a person is.”

Ishiguro said that there is a certain lack of technology at present, and there is also the problem of how to make robots cheaper. More functional robots will be launched in the next 3 years.

Are you worried that being too human will lead to ethical issues?

Robots are finally dominated by humans

Ishiguro once mentioned that robots are more like people than people in some aspects. According to him, he now often sends his “substitute” robot to participate in various business seminars overseas. Although it can save a lot of time and energy, there are different opinions on the matter in the society. Many scientists believe that robots are too human-like, which can easily lead to psychological conflict and anxiety.

Are there ethical issues involved in this research? Ishiguro believes that as long as robots interact with humans naturally, and humans cannot detect them, there is no terrible problem. “For example, if I’m talking to you now, it could be a robot, and you have no way of identifying me because I can make another ‘self’ very similar.”

Ishiguro said that a real human would be even more terrifying, because humans cannot guarantee that there will be no bad person among 100 people, but robots can set programs according to human wishes. In the end, robots are still dominated and controlled by humans, and humans should remain optimistic. . On the other hand, the future of human beings cannot be chosen. In order to make themselves more advanced and rich, human beings must constantly promote the development of new technologies, and the development of robots is unstoppable.

Ishiguro believes that the current Chinese market is very large, and China has a high degree of acceptance of the Robot Industry. The use of interactive robots is worth promoting. R&D institutions need to develop humanoid robot technology based on human cognition. Therefore, the study of humanoid robots is not only a study of the robot itself, but also a study of human cognition. Guidance and manipulation technologies play a role in human-robot interaction, and the use of these two technologies can enhance the interaction experience between the two.

Is there a timetable for building a “robot society”?

Robots will be relied on by humans within 5 years

Is there a timetable for building a so-called robot society? Ishiguro said that the specific timetable is not known, but looking at the smartphone in everyone’s hands now, it has become an inseparable tool, a phenomenon that no one has imagined before. It is believed that within 5 years, robots will participate in the daily life of human beings just like smartphones. Although the development of artificial intelligence is uncontrollable, no matter what, the robot will always have a switch. If it develops to a state you don’t like, you can choose to turn it off, so you don’t have to worry about whether the robot will replace the human.

Regarding the question of how to look at the possible future of artificial intelligence and human beings in love, Ishiguro believes that there is no emotional difference between real people and robots in love, just like some people are obsessed with anime characters, and it is easy to regard each other as a real person. treat. “Essentially, humans and robots are both set, but there is a difference in how much each is set.”

In the future, there will be more interactions between humans and robots, and robots will be used more frequently. Ishiguro gave an example. In general shopping malls, some people may not take the initiative to contact the shopping guide, especially when they are hesitant about what they want to buy. However, if it is a robot shopping guide, the customer can consult the robot when hesitating, and when people communicate with the robot, the feedback given by the robot can basically be set as a positive, honest and pertinent answer, so as to win better feedback for the mall.

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