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The robot in “Wandering Earth 2” actually comes from this company

In 2019, “The Wandering Earth” appeared on the screen for the first time, starting a new journey of Chinese science fiction film creation. On the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2023, “The Wandering Earth 2” appeared on the big screen of the Spring Festival movie, and won a very high box office and reputation.

As a depiction of the “future world”, the “Wandering Earth 2”robotIt has attracted a lot of attention. Among them, the inspection robot independently operates the monitoring indicators to ensure the safety of the space station personnel, and this has already become a reality in Industrial scenarios. In the conference hall of the United Earth Government, Robots are stationed at the side to assist humans in scientific decision-making, highlighting the significance of robots + artificial intelligence; the inspection robots in the data center of the Beijing Aerospace Center support the smooth operation of massive data, and the mobile robots in the planetary engine hangar work in an orderly manner. Moving and transporting materials… These scenes, which are also full of sense of technology, have actually entered the real life, and are ubiquitous and indispensable elements in the future world. It is also a growing trend.

The robots in these pictures also come from a real supplier, the industrial mobile robot company Youai Zhihe. It is reported that it provided technical support for mobile robot products for the filming of “The Wandering Earth 2”. The mobile robots used in “The Wandering Earth 2” are all actual products of Youai Zhihe Robot. And the future scenes in those sci-fi films are actually inseparable from reality. At present, in extremely complex environments such as offshore oil platforms, Gobi deserts, offshore wind power platforms, and open-pit coal mines, the intelligent inspection operation and maintenance robot of Youaizhihe can autonomously Perform unmanned operations to ensure safe, stable and efficient production and operation 24 hours a day. The relevant person in charge of the company said, In the movie, the construction of the future world based on algorithms, data, and new energy is in line with the business layout of Youai Zhihe Robotics.

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