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The robot that spreads pancakes is here, with a price of 100,000 US dollars

As technology advances,robotIt is more and more widely used in the catering industry, which alleviates the shortage of labor to a certain extent and saves a lot of money for the restaurant. But at the same time, after part of the manual labor is handed over to the machine, the catering practitioners also need to continuously improve their services. Quality forms the irreplaceable value of the machine.

Recently, a pancake robot appeared near Niujie Station of the Beijing Subway, attracting many citizens to watch and experience it.

The robot that spreads pancakes is here, with a price of 100,000 US dollars

From the appearance, this robot looks similar to the general self-service vending machine, and they are all square boxes. On the upper right is an electronic screen, which shows the options of pancakes and drinks; on the left of the screen is a large transparent window, through which you can see the pancake oven,robotic arm, the injection port, and many parts that cannot be named. A copy of the business license and food business license is pasted on the side of the machine.

In front of the pancake robot at the entrance and exit of Niujie subway station, citizens are queuing up to buy. The purchase process is similar to that of a vending machine. Click on the big screen of the machine and you can choose two kinds of pancakes, original flavor and ham. The prices are 7.99 yuan and 8.99 yuan, which are cheaper than the pancakes on the market. On this basis, you can also choose whether to add coriander, chopped green onion, and two flavors: normal and spicy. Drinks include soy milk, coffee, and orange juice, which can be paired with pancakes or purchased separately.

The process of robot spreading pancakes is very standard: first put batter, spread it, and then pour egg liquid; when the pancake and egg liquid are set and cooked, the Robotic arm will scoop up the pancake and turn it over, then pour sauce and spread it evenly , sprinkle with regular pancake fruit ingredients such as crispy pieces, chopped lettuce, green onion, coriander, etc., and then folded into a square by the Robotic arm, put in a paper bag, and slide out through the eating opening.

There is not much difference between the final product and the pancakes spread by hand. The only difference is in the raw materials: for the convenience of machine production, the egg liquid has been mixed evenly; the crispy is not a complete piece, but broken in advance.

And what about the pancakes made by Robots? According to several citizens who have bought it, it tastes similar to artificial ones, “but the sauce is not evenly spread in some places,” said a citizen.

It is understood that this pancake robot is still in the trial operation stage. It is limited to 100 servings per day and sold out in about 6 hours. If calculated according to the operating time of 15 hours per day, it can achieve more than 200 servings per day.

But this speed is obviously too slow, “It’s too slow, artificial pancakes can be done in a minute or two.” Some students said that if the school’s pancake stalls were so slow, the team would not know where to go, and for coming and going For office workers in a hurry, they will not choose to queue up to buy pancakes.

However, according to the person in charge of the research and development company, the robot only uses 40% of the speed for making pancakes and fruits in the trial operation stage. “Normally, it can be brought up to within 2 minutes.” He said that there are still many parameters that can be adjusted, but he still wants to be cautious during the trial operation stage, and adjust it when it is in mass production, and update it from the cloud.

At present, the price of such a pancake robot is as high as 100,000 U.S. dollars. Because the output is still limited, it needs to be booked in advance. If it is recognized by the market and the output can be increased in the future, the price may be reduced.

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