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The scale of the robot industry cluster in Yuhua District, Changsha has begun to show a number of preferential policies to recruit talents

CNR Changsha, June 27 news (Reporter Jiang Wenjing) Today, the reporter from Changsha Smart Technology settled in Yuhua District of Changsha.robotAt the unveiling ceremony of the research institute, it was learned that at present, the Hunan Robot Industry Cluster has introduced a total of 56 robot enterprises (projects), and has initially formed a Robot Industry professional cluster, and has occupied a seat in more than 40 robot industry parks across the country. become the provinceindustryAn important carrier of transformation and upgrading and the starting port for realizing Changsha’s “Made in China 2025”.
The Hunan Robot Industry Cluster is the Yuhua Economic Development Zone awarded by the Provincial People’s Government on March 7, 2015. It is the only “Robot Industry Cluster” in Hunan Province, and is the carrier for Hunan Province to implement “Made in China 2025”. Hunan intelligent equipment industry support policy agglomeration area.
The planned area of ​​the entire Industrial zone is 1,500 mu. It is divided into four parts: the robot land purchase enterprise zone, the leasing enterprise zone, the robot R&D demonstration center and the robot vocational technical training base. It provides four product forms and services: large enterprises, providing land, self-built workshops ; Medium-sized enterprises, develop new standard workshops – “industrial courtyards”, which can be rented or bought; small and medium-sized enterprises, develop “1+1” single-family industrial buildings with front shop and back factory; small and micro supporting enterprises, develop “multiple” Floor + high-rise” industrial buildings.
In order to promote the agglomeration and development of the robotics industry, Hunan Province and Changsha City have given a number of supportive policies to the Hunan robotics industry cluster in terms of market promotion, introduction of high-end talents, investment incentives, R&D platforms, and technological achievement awards.For example, for enterprises in the province to purchase local productsautomationOr the first set of intelligent equipment will be rewarded up to 2 million; the purchase of the first and key components will be rewarded up to 500,000. In addition, Changsha City also made it clear that well-known robot companies at home and abroad will relocate their headquarters to Changsha and invest 100 million yuan to set up a production base, and will give a one-time relocation subsidy of 10 million yuan; move their regional headquarters to Changsha and invest 100 million yuan to build production For the base, a one-time relocation subsidy of 5 million yuan will be given.
In the next few years, the implementation path of the Hunan robot industry cluster area: First, according to the development idea of ​​”taking the promotion and application as the guide, changing the market with the market, leading the integration with the ontology, and promoting the agglomeration with the integration”, focusing on the province’s automobile manufacturing, fireworks and firecrackers , bridge and tunnel inspection, food and medicine and other mature industries and mature applications, increase the introduction of high-quality body and parts companies, attract the top system integrators in the sub-industry, and drive the formation of an intelligent equipment industry cluster of hundreds of billions. The second is to learn from international and domestic advanced experience, accelerate the construction of Changsha intelligent robot Research Institute, make great efforts to promote “mass innovation” and “incubation”, strengthen the “industry-university-research” connection with universities, institutes and enterprises across the country, and promote National Defense Science and Technology University, Lakeland Excellent professors and teams from Hunan University and Central South University innovate and start businesses, and cultivate original endogenous power. The third is to promote the application to keep up with the development of Robots in the world, focusing on the introduction of the seventh-generation international and domestic well-known collaborative Industrial Robot enterprises, and promoting the application center and production and processing base in China to settle in Changsha.

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