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Weihai: Harbin Institute of Technology’s Robot Demonstrates International Monopoly

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On the afternoon of April 16, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai)robotWith Yao Yufeng, a professor at the Intelligent Equipment Industry Research Institute, the final stability tests are being carried out on the basically assembled chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer.

A few days later, this “personally customized” version of the second-generation chemiluminescence immune analyzer will fly to a scientific research institution in Beijing for special immune analysis of liver cirrhosis.

Immunoassays have gone through three stages, radioimmunoassay, enzymatic immunoassay, and chemiluminescence immunoassay. Chemiluminescence immunoassay has become the mainstream of the entire immunoassay industry because of its accuracy and efficiency. Since 2008, chemiluminescence immunoassay has been popularized in the national second-class and above hospitals. These instruments are all from Europe and the United States, each of which is expensive, and the market is monopolized by foreign companies.

That year, Weigao Group saw the development prospects of the market, and wanted to cooperate with Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Research Institute to carry out industry-university-research docking for immunoassays. The four words “foreign monopoly” can stimulate Yao Yufeng’s desire for research and development every time. After evaluating the chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers on the market, he gave the answer of “can be conquered”. Behind the happy promise, a scientific research team including more than 50 staff members has been working for three years. Yao Yufeng lived and ate at Weigao Group for a year. The whole team could not remember how many nights he stayed up all night, and the repeated revisions were thicker than bricks.

It is with this unyielding and unyielding energy that hundreds of parts and components are all independently developed, and the prototype of the first-generation chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer with nearly 10 patented technologies has been successfully developed. Precise and professional intelligent detection of serum from patients.

Since then, things have been very smooth. In 2011, the medical device registration certificate was obtained. In 2013, Weigao Group started mass production and successfully entered the domestic top three hospital market. The output value was more than 50 million yuan that year. The price of the instrument is only one-third of that of foreign products. The price of equipment has dropped, and the price of medical treatment has also dropped. This is the ultimate goal of breaking foreign monopoly.

Yao Yufeng’s team has not stopped, the second-generation chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer is more compact and professional than the first-generation product. They hope that this machine can be popularized in hospitals or community hospitals below the second grade, so that high technology can better benefit the public.

In 2001, Yao Yufeng, who had just entered the first year of graduate school, followed his mentor to participate in the Weigao Group’s industry-university-research project for the first time. Yao Yufeng believes that Weihai has a very good atmosphere for industry-university-research cooperation. This down-to-earth approach has opened up the “last mile” of market demand and scientific research projects, and can prevent the fruits of scientific research from rotting on trees.

Sixteen years later, from one project in the first few years to several projects every year, Yao Yufeng has participated in and completed dozens of industry-university-research projects. During this period, many companies made a lot of money to find him to change jobs, but Yao Yufeng still enjoys the process of concentrating on scientific research, and feels that it is a very happy thing to be able to treat his hobby as a career.

“Frankly speaking, there is still a big gap between us and developed countries. Only innovation can help us recover the ‘lost decades’.” Yao Yufeng said.

Weihai: Harbin Institute of Technology’s Robot Demonstrates International Monopoly

The staff is installing the cup module

Weihai: Harbin Institute of Technology’s Robot Demonstrates International Monopoly

Mass production in Weigao production workshop

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