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Why are AGV users using Kollmorgen’s NDC solutions?

In 2022, China’s AGV/AMR industry will show a strong growth trend, reaching a market size of 18.5 billion yuan, an increase of 47% from 2021, and is in high growth. Among them, there are about 230 main business enterprises, and a total of about 93,000 AGV/AMRs of various types will be put on the market in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 29%. The applications cover automobiles and spare parts, new energy batteries, third-party logistics, and express delivery. Business, general manufacturing, textiles, photovoltaics, medicine and medical care, and many other industries related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood.


Why are AGV users using Kollmorgen’s NDC solutions?

And what is hidden behind it is the “core brain” known as AGV/AMR: dispatching system and vehicle controller. Today, let’s talk about this topic.

Whether it is an AGV manufacturer who hesitates between self-developed and third-party dispatching systems and vehicle controllers, or a manufacturing or logistics owner who intends to customize AGV/AMR for its own production and logistics lines, they are all in Faced with different choices.

Independent research and development or choose a mature system?

Self-component system scheduling software R&D team + vehicle software R&D team + vehicle hardware R&D team requires at least 20-30 R&D teams.

On the premise of complete self-development at the software level, the vehicle controller hardware mainly has the following options:

Why are AGV users using Kollmorgen’s NDC solutions?

According to market feedback, most of the AGV/AMR companies that are in the initial stage or in the development stage of 1-5 years, the revenue is not satisfactory, even if the annual output of vehicles is calculated as sales, they cannot allocate huge software and hardware research and development costs. Therefore, for AGV/AMR companies that are still at this stage, the envisaged “use of self-developed vehicle controllers and AGV/AMR dispatching systems of mature companies” is not a mature option at present.

In fact, whether it is an AGV/AMR company that is in its infancy or in the development stage of 1-5 years, or a manufacturing-type owner and a logistics-type owner who want to customize AGV/AMR for their own production and logistics lines, most of the years have produced Car capacity is limited, only 50-100 units.


Why are AGV users using Kollmorgen’s NDC solutions?

  What are the strengths of NDC solutions?


NDC solutions are of long proven high quality and reliability.

Kollmorgen is a world-renowned automation company and enjoys a good reputation in the AGV field. Therefore, choosing an NDC solution can guarantee the stability and security of the system.


NDC solutions have complete technical support and after-sales service.

When you choose a self-developed AGV system, you not only need to invest a lot of time and resources, but also deal with possible failures during operation, so as to ensure the stable operation of the system. The NDC solution can provide you with comprehensive support services, covering technical consultation, deployment, debugging and other links, ensuring the efficient operation and interconnection of the system.


NDC solutions are highly configurable.

The system adopts modular design and can be customized according to customer needs. This flexible and configurable attribute can greatly reduce the difficulty of design work for manufacturers and speed up the time to market, thereby saving time and cost.


NDC solutions are highly compatible.

Not only is it compatible with standard factory automation equipment, but it can also be easily integrated into existing production processes. This allows manufacturers to bring products to market faster while reducing investment and implementation costs.


NDC solutions are simple and easy to use.

You only need to arrange 4 electrical software engineers. During the average time of up to 6 months (the first 2 months are mainly taught by Kollmorgen, and the next 3-4 months are self-study at your factory site), we You can train these 4 engineers to be experts in AGV/AMR design, implementation and delivery. So far, Kollmorgen has trained more than 100 customers around the world (more than 20 customers in China), and every engineer has used his skills to the utmost: he has grown into an expert in delivering AGV/AMR using NDC solutions.


Why are AGV users using Kollmorgen’s NDC solutions?

Using Kollmorgen’s NDC solution, you will be able to obtain the operating quality of the AGV system beyond your imagination, while saving time, financial resources and labor costs. Our perfect technical support and after-sales service will also help you solve problems and failures that may occur during operation, and further improve production efficiency and quality.


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