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With such a bright future in the robotics industry, how can startups get a piece of the pie?

In today’s technological age,robotIt has become one of the key technologies in all walks of life. With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the scope of application of Robots is becoming wider and wider, and the market prospects of robots are becoming wider and wider. According to the data of the “China robot Industry Development Report (2022)” officially released by the Chinese Institute of Electronics at the 2022 World Robot Conference, it is estimated that in 2022, the scale of China’s robot market will reach 17.4 billion US dollars, with a five-year average annual growth rate of 22. %, such a rapid development has also attracted many robot companies to spring up like mushrooms after rain.

However, as a fledgling start-up company, it is not easy to gain a firm foothold in this mature market. Robot startups need to understand market demand, develop attractive products, establish contact with potential customers, quickly respond to customer needs, and continuously optimize products and services in order to seize market share through their own advantages and quickly open up the market.

Understand market demand

The market is the guide for the company’s development. Before entering the market, you need to understand the needs and pain points of the market. After understanding the needs and pain points of your potential customers, and how they want robots to help them, you can develop products more targeted and make your own products more competitive. At the same time, understand the performance of competitors in the market. The so-called knowing yourself and the enemy can win a hundred battles. Knowing your competitors is more conducive to formulating your own company’s development strategy.

develop an attractive product

The prerequisite for any victory is a sufficiently competitive product. When you choose a track, you need to ensure that your product has advantages over competitors in terms of performance, price, reliability and ease of use. Only in this way can more customers choose your products.

An attractive product should be innovative, reliable and cost-effective. Robot companies can break through solidified thinking, find innovative research and development directions, and design distinctive robot products to attract customers’ attention; in terms of robot operation, they can choose to establish their own supply chain system to effectively reduce production and after-sales costs. control, so that the price of the robot is reduced, and it is more cost-effective than competing products; excellent after-sales service is the guarantee of success. Consumers not only buy the product, but also buy the use, and the use must be guaranteed after sale. Excellent after-sales service makes customers feel more at ease, and naturally has a stronger willingness to buy.

Build your own brand

After understanding the target market, ensure that the brand of your product is professional enough to polish your own brand. This requires choosing an appropriate positioning to attract your target customer group and start your brand among this group.For example, if your bot is primarily for the enterprise marketIndustrial robotyou need to ensure that your products can meet the production needs of corporate customers and have a professional image.

Connect with potential customers

Once your product is ready, it’s time to start connecting with potential customers and developing the market. You can increase your brand awareness and attract potential customers by participating in industry exhibitions, posting product information on social media, advertising, etc. In addition, join or establish industry associations to increase mutual cooperation in the industry, and at the same time make your brand more famous.

Today, with the continuous development and popularization of robot technology, robots are not just a simple production tool, but also have a wider range of application scenarios and business prospects. But for start-up companies that want to enter the industry now, in the face of complex market environments and changing business models, robots need to be more flexible, intelligent, reliable, and safe in order to better serve humans and make robots become An important force to promote the progress and development of human society, thereby winning market share and customer trust.

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